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Macambo is the newest superstar standing under the superfoods spotlight

Macambo is the newest superstar standing under the superfoods spotlight. Although a novice on this scene, it has been known among the Amazon circles for hundreds of years as a food that provides many health benefits.

These seeds are slightly biting for texture, depth and scent. Enjoying a rich, delicate sweetness, you must know that you will also enjoy its wonderful advantages.

Mesoamerican cultures and Amazonian healers have traditionally used it to treat brain ailments by giving it a nickname of brain beans.

It is loaded with nutrients, essential fatty acids and important nutrients that can stimulate brain function. Contains theobromine – an alkaloid that stimulates the body.

Super food mocambo
Macambo super food, stimulates brain work, contains an alkaloid that stimulates the body

The effects of theobromine are similar to caffeine, but since it does not affect the central nervous system, you will never get nervous. They are softer and last longer than those of caffeine.

Containing a huge amount of protein, they provide invaluable help in creating new cells and restoring muscles. Maccabo is therefore a great breakfast after a workout.

These seeds have an extremely high fiber content, which is very important because they stimulate bowel movements and help remove toxins from your body.

Macambo is full of omega-9 fatty acids, which plays a role in lowering cholesterol levels. Omega-9 is also associated with improving immune function and protecting against certain cancers.