foods witch satiate
Did you low calorie foods that satiate and you can include in your daily diet

Did you low calorie foods that satiate and you can include in your daily diet? Want to keep your waistline without bother with diets? A green light! We will introduce low-calorie foods that will give you energy and strength throughout the day! We all know that it is “mission impossible” to keep the figure in the season of “pork and vinskoto.”

Yet there are ways to “freeze” your weight in winter, or at least to try. Soup is your best friend for slim and healthy – vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, which naturally kill your appetite and satiate hunger. They are poor in calories and you can eat them in large quantities, in case you do not add a lot of cream or butter. The content of the soup is 90 percent water, which allows you to eat without worrying about calories.

Her other plus is that it satisfies hunger because it deceives the brain and stomach that you have them provide the necessary amount of food. Simultaneously, the soup is very useful because it provides important metabolic liquids. Recent studies even indicate that the cells are aging more slowly, if one accepts more than 2 liters of fluid a day.

So your applause for the soup! It provides the body with the necessary nutrients to transform into energy, slows aging and the appearance of acne. Also causing a feeling of heaviness in the stomach from overeating. Your other allies in the battle against weight are cereals and muesli. It is necessary to choose between rice, millet, barley, wheat and other cereal products.

Low calorie foods
Low calorie foods that satiate but contain many vitamins and minerals necessary for useful diet

They supply your body slowly degradable sugars, which make it impossible suddenly to feel hunger. Extremely rich in fiber, which absorb some of the fat and sugars and thus do not allow the body to absorb them. Their composition is full of vitamins B, which are good for health. And last but not least, eat meso and light sauces.

The winter season remains dish that flights with plenty of sauce. You podshushnem some tricks with which to reduce the number of calories in dishes prepared by you:
– It’s nice to cook meals in pots of material that prevents sticking of food on the bottom.
– Avoid fat or use olive oil, but not more than a tablespoon.
– Eat light meats – rabbit, turkey, chicken or fish.
– Remove fat from fatty meats.
A bouillon cube or light soy sauces, shrimp, and a little wine will convey unique flavor of your dish.