Laughter heals many diseases and not only brings cheer, but also is beneficial to the human body. In recent decades, scientists have studied the effects of laughter on the human body. Comedies improve the circulatory system.

Laughter heals the human body
Laughter heals blood glucose and insulin levels are regulated.

Experts from the University of Maryland have studied the effects on the blood vessels when people watch comedies or dramas.

After research, it turned out that the group that watched comedies, blood vessels were normal state – Collapse and have been expanded. While people watched the drama, blood vessels are contracted and decreased blood flow.

Laughter heals the human body

Laughter healsblood glucose and insulin levels are regulated. Survey of 19 people with diabetes check the effect of laughter on blood sugar levels in the body.

After the meal, the group attended a tedious lecture. The next day the group was fed the same food in the same proportions, and then immediately watched the comedy.

Studies show that people with diabetes have lower sugar on the day they are watching a comedy than the previous day.

Laughter heals the immune system

Laughter heals and makes you feel happy with life
Laughter heals many diseases and brings cheer

Laughter treat increased levels of stress that are associated with a deterioration of the immune system. Some studies have shown that humor can increase the antibody level in the body and thus to improve the immune system. Laughter improves sleep.

One of the first who discovered laughter as a remedy for insomnia is Norman Cousins. It gives information about its influence in “Anatomy of the disease.

” Cousins, who was diagnosed with a serious disease of the spine, noting that “diet comedies” helped him feel much better. He noticed that 10 minutes of laughter he delivered two hours sleep without pain.

The conclusion is to laugh and rejoice more frequently to improve our physical and spiritual body shape.