Kumquat culinary
Kumquat culinary use and diets for everyone and everything

Kumquat culinary use and diets for everyone and everything. Kumquats is a small citrus fruit with orange color and round shape.

It grows on an evergreen tree, type of shrub that reaches a height of three meters it. Quite like orange and has a very pleasant slightly sour flavor.

Interestingly, unlike most citrus Kumquats can be directly eating the bark. It is known as a symbol of the Greek island of Corfu.

There dominates trade in this fruit, we can obtain a wide variety of things made from kumquat jelly, jam or preserves, even brandy and liqueur.

There he appeared after World War I, while in China is known to the population in the Middle Ages. Maybe this fact Kumquats is also known as Mandarin Chinese.

To date, the fruit is grown in Florida, California, China and Japan (where you call it golden orange).

Kumquats is rich in nutrients – contains vitamins A, C, E, F, B, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, copper and zinc, magnesium and others.

In 100 g gorgol region contains 70 kcal., 2 g protein and 15 grams of carbohydrates. It is applied in different types of diets and feeding regimes. Improves digestion and charged with energy. It has a wide culinary use.

Kumquat culinary application
Kumquat culinary use and diet, improves digestion, faithful friend of man in every dish

It can eat except raw and dried form of jam, jelly, even somewhere and make liqueur and brandy. It has refreshing and toning effect.

Kumquat culinary application

Kumquats have a variety of culinary applications – besides raw, can be eaten dried, candied form of jam, jelly, liqueur, brandy, etc. There toning and refreshing effect.

Mixed with hot water relieves pain in the throat. Kumquats is preferred fruit cocktail and sometimes substituting olive in the martini. From kumquat is made from jelly to brandy.

Kumquat in diet

Is the Kumquats diet? Of course, but raw, not candied in jam or liquor. It is rich in fiber, improves digestion, refreshes and energizes the body.