Kale salad with avocado and spinach
This is my first meeting on kale salad with avocado and spinach on the table

This is my first meeting on kale salad with avocado and spinach on the table. Its amazing health benefits have been studied only recently, so for him the rule – “Experiment did whatever happens.” So I did. This salad combines only beneficial ingredients and is therefore able baptized:
Super kale salad of avocado and spinach
Kale is the new superfood that quite peacefully can live in every garden. It is rich in calcium, vitamin C and iron. Spinach is known for iron, but vitamin C is in larger quantities, while behind Keila.

Both leafy vegetables for the rich in folic acid, chlorophyll, flavonoids, plant fiber. Avocados needs no introduction – essential fatty acids in it, make it one of the most valuable foods that have been studied at all.

Sprinkle the salad with sesame, which is rich in calcium, Flaxseed – rich in fatty acids, walnuts and sunflower with their traditional and rich taste also add omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, carbohydrates and more protein and make the salad filling for a long time .

Kale salad with avocado spinach
Easy and quick cooking kale salad with avocado and spinach, food containing ingredients from minerals and vitamins for a healthy body and healthy mind

Two handfuls of tender leaves of kale, a few leaves of fresh spinach, one ripe avocado mixture of linseed, sesame, walnuts and sunflower.
For the dressing:
Lemon juice, cold pressed oil of your choice and Himalayan salt.
Cut leafy vegetables normal salad. If necessary, dispose of veins in the middle of the leaf. Crushed sesame first, as is the small, in a small bag with a hammer for meat.

It is not important to be flour, but his cracked shell. That understanding, starting bag to whiten and become greasy inside. Fuck needed, because he, as every seed with a hard shell remains unused.

Flaxseed also must be crushed. Then walnuts and sunflower fuck the same way. This is the fastest method, without mills, blenders and whatever they crushed nuts.

Avocados leave at the end because it blackens quickly left the air unless you bake with lemon juice. Dressing me is the juice of one lemon and olive oil, Himalayan salt, but may otherwise virgin oil to use.

Grape or pumpkin seeds met most often, looking for recipes for kale. Serve the salad with avocado ordered top and sprinkle with a mixture of seeds and nuts.

Pour the dressing and voila. I then put camembert and ate a whole-grain crackers. Completely healthy and nutritious lunch.