Jerusalem artichoke
Jerusalem artichoke treasure with many valuable qualities

Jerusalem artichoke treasure valuable qualities known as Jerusalem artichokes. It is a unique root vegetable, natural product with many healing properties. It can be processed in all ways and still retains its healing properties. Rich in vitamins and minerals, contains much more iron than carrots, turnips and beets. It contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, silicon, iron, sodium and the like. minerals.

With this wealth of vitamins is useful product for boosting the immune system, the endocrine, nervous system and improves the quality of blood. It contains large amounts of pectin, cellulose, fat, protein and amino acids. In artichoke contains organic polyacids such as citric, malic, malic, succinic.

In combination with vitamin C, it keeps the cells of the body from aging, there is a strong antioxidant effect. One of the most valuable qualities it is that is rich in natural insulin analogue – inulin. This content makes it useful for people suffering from diabetes. Jerusalem artichoke helps to restore vision, helps with anemia and atherosclerosis. Inulin it has the ability to restore operation of the gastrointestinal tract and to absorb toxic substances in the intestine and blood. So it turns out to be useful for the liver and bile.

Now is the season of Jerusalem artichoke, do not pass up and you prepare delicious and healthy salad or pickles in winter when tomatoes and cucumbers are not so tasty. There comes a time of flu and viral infections, eat yams to increase the protective effect on the body against infections and also will improve the microflora in the gut. Jerusalem artichoke can be eaten both raw and roasted or boiled.

Jerusalem artichoke valuable qualities
Jerusalem artichoke treasure with many valuable qualities, helps prevent many diseases, especially the immune system

Tubers slightly reminiscent of potatoes, although its row of small growths are likened more to root ginger. Taste like pears or artichoke. The tubers are very nutritious and does not need to be peeled before consumption. However good their fresh water washing is required. As the Jerusalem artichoke has a very uneven structure that allows the retention of soil and sand, be very careful and thoroughly wash it.

Jerusalem artichoke can be added to salads, like potato to fry pancakes. Cooked and mashed tubers have a taste almost identical to that of potatoes. This determines the possibility of replacing potatoes with yams in several recipes. In France, the tubers are a regular ingredient in salads. Of them become and wonderful soups, creams and purees. Baked yams with pork or chicken dish is irresistible.

To dishes with Jerusalem artichoke can be added to processed cheese, milk or cream. Jerusalem artichoke not be boiled because it loses some of its properties. Hot tea with a slice of Jerusalem artichoke has almost the same taste as those of tea with lemon. So tubers are often called “lemon of the north”.