It is important for children to have breakfast in the morning with food that is good for them. Without breakfast, children cannot concentrate. The ability to concentrate is given to everyone, including children. However, this does not mean that it is an innate ability, because it is learned, faster or slower. The ability to concentrate depends on the rhythm of everyday life, established habits and a number of factors influence it.

It is important for children to have breakfast

For children, an important factor is breakfast or, accordingly, the missed breakfast. It has been found that hungry children do not manage to concentrate in school, so the catchphrase starting with the instruction – eat your own breakfast applies with full force to the little ones. Apart from the lack of concentration, hungry children also have no energy for play and other more pleasant activities.

 Studies done for breakfast in the morning

In addition, children who have not eaten breakfast tend to satisfy their hunger with unhealthy foods, which leads to a well-known phenomenon – overweight children who are undernourished at the same time. Children’s nutrition is an issue that is receiving more and more attention in terms of the framework in which it takes place and the size of portions, the composition of individual meals, including breakfast as the central meal for the student.

Very important for children to have a breakfast
Very important for children to have a breakfast

If the child does not have breakfast, pathological processes of stress metabolism take place in his body. The body releases more cortisol, and this is one of the reasons for the accumulation of fat mass around the hips, accompanied by the same around the internal organs. Serious scientific studies show that missing breakfast for woman leads to lower concentration in general and worse results on tests of basic knowledge.

Interesting facts about children’s nutrition

They are accompanied by poor physical development, more frequent illness, the risk of long-term obesity, irritability. In no case should children skip breakfast, because this fact has an adverse effect, and the smaller the child, the more unpleasant it is for his general condition. Breakfast should not be skipped, but what exactly is good to include and what to avoid?

The presence of the main food groups in the breakfast such as fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products, cereal products in their entire assortment, including whole grains, proteins, eggs, healthy vegetable fats are what should be included in the child’s breakfast. Avoid ready packaged foods full of all kinds of enhancers and preservatives. Energy drinks, coffee, sodas and juices with unknown contents should not replace the need for water. All habits for proper nutrition at the start of the day are cultivated in the family and largely determine the development of the young organism.