reasons to eat rhubarb
Here are some great reasons to eat rhubarb.

Here are some great reasons to eat rhubarb. Rhubarb is a perennial herbaceous plant with large decorative leaves and large fleshy stems. It blooms in white pink or red flowers from June to August.

The plant is a favorite of chefs worldwide. In Bulgaria, however, relies mostly on his health and healing properties. In rhubarb contains glycosidically bound and free anthraquinones, as well as a small amount of reducing anthraquinones, tannin-glyukogalin, a large quantity of mineral substances (phosphorus, calcium and magnesium), vitamins (C and provitamin A), starch and pectin.

Lechvbnite properties have been known for thousands of years. Even the ancient Egyptians were applying small doses of rhubarb to improve digestion and cleansing the intestines. In large doses even been given as constipation and upset stomach in, due to its astringent and cleansing functions.

With the leaves of rhubarb, as with any other useful thing, do not overdo it. They contain oxalic acid and have a low toxicity. Poisoning is almost impossible, but it’s good people with liver disease to monitor their total intake of oxalic acid.

Incredible rhubarb
Several great reasons to eat rhubarb throughout the year regardless of height and weight, medicinal properties of rhubarb

Besides reddish stalks of rhubarb root is used. Besides their beneficial effect on the stomach, bowel cleanses, purifies and disposed of bacteria and toxins, irritating the esophagus. Its regular intake supports the healthy functioning of the colon.

Rhubarb is known for its antibacterial, antibiotic, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Extremely often it is used for treating intestinal infections and the elimination of intestinal parasites. However, this healthy properties of this miraculous plant does not end. In rhubarb detected polyphenol chemicals.

They kill and prevent the further growth of cancer cells. Antraquinone in its content even prevent metastasis of cancer cells. Another problem where applicable extract of rhubarb, in combination with other products have the symptoms of menopause. He dulls and decreases, thereby providing a peaceful and harmonious life.