Fried meat steamed broccoli
Incompatible food products and their application

Incompatible food products and their application.  The true cuisine is very exact science, almost as pharmaceuticals. Similarly, as certain drugs are not mixed with others, and some foods should not be combined. Fried meat as blends perfectly with steamed broccoli.

Fried is full of harmful substances are neutralized by broccoli. Fried fish is good to combine with marinade before he was fried. Marinade made from vinegar, tomato sauce and a mixture of spices and fish stayed in it for 60 minutes.

Fried meat steamed broccoli

The liver perfectly combines with potatoes. The liver is the best natural source of iron, and most preferably it is absorbed by means of vitamin C contained in the potatoes. Dried figs have to eat with milk with high fat content. Milk is rich in calcium, but it is best digested with the help of magnesium contained in figs.

Boil five figs in two cups of milk and drink this drink regularly, among other things heal and cold. Carrots combine with cream, to be able to absorb your body vitamin A, which is fat soluble.

Carrots with cream

Eggs do they suchatavat perfectly with onions and tomatoes, which loaded the body with selenium. Selenium is best absorbed in combination with vitamin E, which is contained in the eggs. Definitely can not combine with olive oil. I.e. not fry meatballs in olive oil because its beneficial substances disappear in contact with the pan.

beer with peanuts
Incompatible food products according to doctors and nutritionists

It is best according to nutritionists to bake the meatballs. Rye bread can not be combined with coffee, albeit separately, and both are very useful for the body. But caffeine interferes with the absorption of many nutrients from rye bread.

Alcohol is not good to mix with carbonated drinks as it helps the body absorb alcohol faster and the resulting changes are higher. No matter how strange, peanuts are not good for combining beer. Nuts contain nutrients such as vitamins C, E, PP and D, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, which are destroyed by alcohol.