avoid these foods
If you are over 40 avoid those foods which, although quite tasty can harm you

If you are over 40 avoid those foods which, although quite tasty can harm you. Although much of the food can be a source of health when transferring 40 years must give up the consumption of certain foods to avoid health problems. 40th anniversary is key to your health and if you have not paid attention, then this age is recommended to change your diet.

It is imperative to opt out completely from coffee, especially if you are a woman, because even a single cup of energy drink will impact heavily on your hormonal balance. And if you are in menopause, forget the coffee, because it enhances the effect of hot flashes.

For both sexes over the age of 40 coffee and any product with caffeine is banned because it increases blood pressure and leads to risk of cardiovascular diseases.

You should be deprived of alcohol consumption. Most drinks of this type contain many calories that will obstruct your body so that it absorbs more difficult accepted vitamins and minerals.

Foods that anyone over 40 should not eat!

It is necessary to shorten the amount of salt in your meals. This is the most difficult change for people over 40 years as the taste buds more difficult to adapt to a low-salt foods.

avoid alcohol consumption
If you are over 40 avoid these foods list of foods that are not good for people of middle age and can cause serious diseases and even cancer

If you eat salty, however, the danger can raise blood pressure. You have to be careful with the salt, not only when directly using spice, and with sauces such as ketchup, which is abundantly used. Instead of salt, health experts advise to stop fresh herbs – dill or parsley.

Sweets and sugar are also foods that you should forget, if you are over 40 years. With virtually anyone to eat sweet things of this age will upload your weight faster and excess weight will lead to various problems with health. Saturated fat.

Minimize consumption of butter, fatty meats, ice cream, margarine and chocolate because they contain large amounts of saturated fat. They increase the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and in some cases are associated with the occurrence of cancer.