eating chilli peppers
How useful are the chilli peppers and what is their content

How useful are the chilli peppers and what is their content? Hot pepper is a small bush, about 60 cm high. The leaves are also oval with a lot of color, and the stems are branched. The fruit has a small size and the shape is spherical to prolonged. The fruit may be yellow, orange, often red or burgundy, and also olive or black.

It has a spicy flavor and sharp flavor. Her homeland is America, but nowadays it is grown in all tropical countries, including Thailand and India. Cold pepper is used as a spice in culinary food and is part of many spices. It is also used in medicine.

Useful properties of chilli peppers

Contains saccharides, fiber, some organic acids, pectins, lots of vitamin C (about 250 mg), vitamins B, E, A, PP. The chemical elements contain potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur, iron. It contains fatty oil, essential oils, capsaicin (which is also responsible for the burning of red pepper).

red chilli peppers
the useful properties of red pepper

Red pepper has a number of beneficial properties: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, locally irritating, heating, expectorant, antipyretic, appetite excitement, vasodilating and vasoconstrictor, strengthens immunity.
The use of red pepper is clear – it stimulates appetite, improves digestion, improves the secretion of gastric juice.

Useful for vascular cleansing, nervous overload, heart attacks, and seizures. Capsaicin stimulates the release of endorphins, which increase resistance to stress and nervous tension, improves overall condition, relieves fatigue, and increases the body’s working capacity.

For local irritation apply a patch of hot pepper, it is used to treat colds and rheumatic pains. The analgesic property of red pepper is due to the ability of the substance capsaicin to absorb a neuropeptide that leads to painful impulses along the nerve endings. Insufficient circulating of the lower limbs make hot tubs with a hot pepper solution, which has a warming effect.

In a heart attack, pepper can be invaluable – it replaces nitroglycerin because, depending on the condition of the body, it can enlarge or narrow the blood vessels.

red hot chilli
used in medicine and is made up of many medicines

Also, peppers are used as a prophylactic agent for the purification of blood vessels from cholesterol plaques.
Crushed red pepper is present in many medicines – malaria, neuralgic and rheumatic pain, frostbite. It appears to stimulate nerve endings and blood circulation, improves metabolism, reduces body weight, removes excess water and dissolves fatty deposits.

Pumpkin Potential Damage

Health damage peppers can cause when used in peptic ulcer disease, hypertension, gastritis, gastrointestinal inflammatory processes, insomnia, liver disease, pregnancy. It is not recommended for hypersensitive skin to be used as a patch or ointment with chilli.

The calorie content of chilli is about 40 kcal. Hot red pepper is twice as good as red sweet pepper. But for the figure it does not cause much damage, since the hot is used in very small quantities and the benefit of it is great.