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How to replace favorite foods with vegetarian, without damaging the nutrient balance in the human body. There are many logical and health reasons to choose and eat vegetarian food, but there are many evolutionary reasons why we humans crave meat. Yet there are many creative and delicious ways to hold my unwavering meat and hunger to get proteins from which our body needs without actually eat meat.

For those who have recently turned to vegetarianism or have been vegetarians for a while and enjoy a new culinary ideas, here is where we will give you some delicious and easy to prepare meat substitutes that will help you replace your favorite vegetarian foods.

replace favorite foods with vegetarian
replace favorite foods with vegetarian, sample tips for different types of food

This incredible and relatively unknown fruit from India is high in protein, potassium and vitamin B, which makes it convincing counterpart and vice meat and provide the same important nutrients for the body. It can be found in some larger supermarkets and Asian stores.

Can be eaten raw, cooked, fried or as you like. The fruit is a great addition to salads and desserts. Jackfruit is also called Indian breadfruit and a huge fruit that grows on a tree, and its size can reach 34 kg and size of a human head. Jackfruit is rich in potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin A and C. The lens is part of the family Fabaceae, which includes beans and peas. Legumes are often mimic meat in their levels of protein and texture.

The lens is particularly great for meals that are usually prepared with minced meat and has a extremely low fat but high in fiber, iron and proteins. Use a lens for making burgers, stews and dishes. Mushrooms have mesopodobna texture when cooked and vegetables can be marinated.

vegetarian foods
nutrient balance in the human body

When marinating successfully acquire wonderful umami taste when placed in soy sauce and rice vinegar. They are filled with vitamin D, fiber, potassium, and the rich content of the mineral selenium, which is rarely found in fruits and vegetables, is essential for healthy liver function. Shiitake mushrooms are known for their fleshy texture approaching that of meat. Nuts are a universal food and can be added to any dish, salad or dessert.

They contain proteins and healthy fats that make vegetarian dish full and food. Cashews, almonds and walnuts are the nuts that are most easily found and consumed by vegetarians. Almonds have a lot of protein and are also rich in fiber, vitamin E and iron. Cashews is a good source of essential minerals such as zinc, potassium, manganese and iron, and walnuts are rated as the healthiest nuts because of their wealth of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Nuts can be a substitute for milk, cheese and meat. Smoked spices. Many people who have committed themselves to vegetarianism, replace smoky taste of meat with various spices. The addition of smoked salt and smoked paprika to various dishes will give this so delicious aroma of smoky bacon or sausage. These spices are easy now and in our stores and successfully used by many people.