How to protect yourself from sweets, this so pleasant habit. The desire to eat sweets is not only a bad habit, but can also be the cause of a number of health problems. The reasons for the uncontrollable desire for a tempting dessert can be different. Of course, you can eat something sweet sometimes, and not make it the goal of your life, forgetting about all the other joys. In some cases, however, stopping the jam is especially important.

It’s not just about dangerous conditions such as diabetes, obesity, allergies, but eating these harmful foods can determine your mood, which is still depressing, sharp drops and mood swings. This is a signal lamp that you have to say STOP! To maintain a good tone and slim waist, giving up hunger for sweets comes first.

Too much sugar can only harm your health

How to protect yourself from sweets
Protect yourself from sweets
  • Gradually reduce the sugar you add to tea or coffee, as well as the candies you eat with them;
  • Switch to natural sources of sugar, namely fruits;
  • Drink more water;
  • Give up coupe juices and carbonated drinks;

5. Avoid eating fast food and various semi-finished products;

6. Reduce cravings for sweets by eating foods that are rich in protein;

7. Make a food diary to record the amount of sugar eaten during the day;

8. Eat foods that are rich in chromium;

9. Eat foods that have a glycemic index below 42;

Protect yourself from sweets and eat food in small portions.

Dr. Jessica Seple is an Australian nutritionist who also has her own advice on how to deal with the urge and craving for sweets. The expert is of the opinion that it is important to follow the 80:20 golden rule, namely 80% should be healthy foods and 20% should be sweet temptations.

These should be your favorite delicacies that do not fall into the category of very healthy. One of the most important health tips is that breakfast should be high in protein. Dr. Seple advises adding cinnamon to meals that allow it, as it helps to normalize blood sugar levels.

The nutritionist advises you to avoid foods with artificial sweeteners, and also not to be distracted when eating, watching TV or using a smartphone. Sometimes hunger for sweets can be caused by problems with balancing the diet or even in the absence of sleep, which has a negative effect, says Dr. Seple.

How to protect yourself from sweets

In any case, it is important to solve these problems in order to be able to deal with your uncontrollable desire for something harmful. Dr. Puja Mahiya is a nutritionist who shares her views and views on things. She believes that the uncontrollable craving for sweets is due to the lack or minimal amount of protein in the body.

That is why Dr. Mahiya believes that they are one of our most loyal helpers in the fight against the attraction to something sweet caramel candy all the time. American scientists have understood the reason why a person prefers to eat fatty and sweet foods and why it is difficult for him to break away from them.

It turns out that appetite is commanded by microbiomes, which are a collection of billions of bacteria that grow in each person’s intestinal tract. Scientists explain that in fact people do not control their appetite for different types of products – a person wants to eat what the microbiome tells him, scientists say.