Which is the right way to eat eggs
How to prepare eggs useful properties of eggs contain vitamins A, B, D and E

How to prepare eggs?  It is discussed and written about whether eggs are harmful or helpful to our health and whether, if I love to eat them, must be careful not to overdose quantity. And this topic is particularly relevant not only at Easter has been debated all year round.

Which is the right way to eat eggs?

For decades it was believed that one should be careful with the consumption of eggs because they contain harmful substances for the heart. According to recent studies, however, it turns out that you can safely your snacking eggs, without limitations on quantities. Here’s what else is clear for eggs and why they are beneficial to our health:

– From professionals has proven that if you are healthy and have no cardiovascular symptoms, you can safely consume eggs, but cooked. They do not raise cholesterol levels and their number must be careful only people who suffer from a heart condition. But they should not forget that according to recent studies eggs contain 215 g cholesterol, but only 185 g;
– Eggs protect against breast cancer, and remove the risk of disease by as much as 44%, which it is not to be underestimated. Namely eating, 1- 2 boiled eggs a day can protect you from this form of cancer and acts as a natural prevention;

Which is the right way to eat eggs
egg improve mental abilities and have a beneficial effect on teeth

– Eggs are rich in choline, and he helps to build cell membranes and contributes to the normal functioning of cells;
– Eggs are especially useful for pregnant women. Moreover choline, which helps the natural development of baby’s brain, they also contain vitamins A, B, D and E. According to most American scientists choline may even improve mental abilities in the womb fruit;
– Contained in the eggs iodine is useful for thyroid and phosphorus, as we all know, and that is also in no small quantities in eggs, strengthens our teeth;

Sandwiches with eggs

– In addition to everything said so far, it has been found that the eggs have the antioxidant effect due to those in these substances such as lutein, choline, beta-katorin etc .;
– It is important to mention that is most beneficial to consume boiled eggs, not fried. Besides that you will keep their valuable substances, you can include them in your diet.