cherries in vodka
How to make cherries in vodka secret from kitchen

Cooking should give you pleasure, not just a goal and a way of feeding. And once we briefly introduced you to the skills of this culinary faxer, we have decided to offer you an extremely easy recipe, not for eating but for drinking.

These are the cherries in the owls: Necessary products: 500 g of hard and hard cherries, 1/2 of corn (glucose) syrup, 1 1/2 hour of vodka.

Preparation: Cut the cherry handles, leaving about 1 cm off them. Otherwise, the alcohol you add later will very quickly penetrate the fruit and they will soften.

How to make cherries in vodka secret from kitchen

And the idea of ​​this fruit elixir is that cherries keep as much as possible their texture and remain crunchy. Wash them under running water and look for some rotten parts that you will need to remove.

How to make cherries in vodka
How to make cherries in vodka home-made

In a suitable container, mix the vodka and syrup. Pour the drained cherries into a glass jar and pour them with the alcohol mixture to cover them.

Close the hermetically sealed jar with a cap and let it aged for about 40 days in a cool, dark place. Do not think of it if it’s been only 1 month. This is a must for your efforts not to be in vain.

When the time comes, take out your most beautiful cups of brandy and pour some cherries together with the liquid.  You can enjoy your drinks with about 12 drinks.

So they go out of the prepared dose. The good news is that you can store cherries hard and crunchy for more than 2 years.