How to make a cheese plateau a universal idea for all occasions and situations. It does not require sweating over stoves and pans, hours of preparation, but only a well-thought-out shopping and a few ideas that we help.

In what to arrange the plateau? This is a large flat plate, wooden board, stone slab / plateau or whatever you find suitable, as long as it is hygienic and suitable for the purpose. For a completely budget solution, you can wrap stable cardboard or a sheet of fiber in aluminum foil. Keep in mind that the base itself is sparsely visible, but it must be stable.

What kind of alcohol will we serve with this plateau? The most suitable is the wine, and according to him we will choose the types of cheese salad, sausages and other components.

What can we order on the plateau

In bowls we can add:

Dips (pesto, hummus, other favorite snacks), olives, other juicy / wet ingredients such as mozzarella cheese

We can scatter around the larger components:

  • Nuts, dried fruits,
  • pomegranate seeds
  • For decoration we can use Herbs such as chamomile and rosehip twig, green spices such as rosemary or thyme, edible flowers.
  • Make sure everything is edible.

How to arrange the plateau

The cheese should be at room temperature, and the sausages, especially if they have pieces of bacon, should be cold and yet – do not take them out of the refrigerator and directly on the plate. We will cut the fruits that darken, such as apples and pears, just before serving, and we will try not to have any exposed parts, but to stay cut in the shape of the fruit itself.

First we distribute the larger components and go to the smallest. The edges should be “fenced” so that nuts and dried fruits are not wasted.

We can provide sticks for biting bites, “arrows”, “swords”, etc. for an idea cleaner hands. Let’s prepare small service plates in which everyone can order. It is also good to have textile or paper napkins, which, in addition to being practical, can complement the concept of the vision.

And last but not least – if for some incredible reason something is left uneaten, do not forget that even the drier cheeses and sausages turn into great sandwiches, pizzas and pasta sauces.