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How to keep a good shape without getting stuck in food

How to keep a good shape without getting stuck in food. Weak and fine ladies think, there is everything in large quantities. And, on the other hand, it’s not logical to have a full year of work on a flat stomach gym, and just when you have to show up, the all-inclusive basis to ruin your vision.

How can we not let this happen even though we are tempted to eat everything? The first days are difficult, just think about how many days you have and know that the food is repeated, even today you have not been able to grab the tempting meatballs, you will again have the opportunity in a few days.

At home it is difficult to overdo it, our menu is not always four-level, but here, apart from four grades, there are several different menus. 5% of our food is not in our taste and we would not have tried it at all, another 5% would eat every day, and we still have 90% to eat.

Good food perfect physical results

Here comes the amount, take a ladle soup, a small salad plate, in which, if you love a lot of salad, you can put on any kind, you will have tried everything without overdosing. The main thing makes you harder because there is fish and meat and vegetables, difficult choices. Get a little bit of everything you like, but without a garnish.

It overloads the body, usually has sauces – take advantage of them. The appetizers also leave them for the next time. Do not have a hurry to eat, enjoy the moment of having everything, even a glass of fine wine. You can get extra from the food you liked the most, but this is not a good idea.

How to keep a perfect shape

perfect food
How to keep a good shape without stressing our body unnecessarily with unhealthy food

You will overeat, and there is more to try. The rest is your place for dessert, but how do you decide a fruit or a pastry, everything is so delicious? The rule should be only one. Everything is repeated over the days of your stay, you will be able to try everything, and the next meal is only in two hours, do not save!

The idea is that it has everything at all times, take a bit, enjoy the food, it should not burden you but give you pleasure. Besides, hardly anyone will pay attention if your vacation is already over, and you have not been satisfied with the wonderful baklava, and you make ONE unhealthy lunch only with a sweet and aromatic coffee.

There are ways, just remember that it is important how you look and feel at the same time. On the other hand, if you have not worked for a full year in the flat belly gym, this diet can make your vacation unexpectedly enjoyable.