How to eat properly in autumn
How to eat properly in autumn and to prepare healthy for the winter

How to eat properly in autumn  and to prepare healthy for the winter? Autumn is colorful and beautiful with its colors. Everywhere around us we see the wonderful colors – are still green, but most leaves are already yellow, red and brown. Despite its beauty, autumn brings many changes – ranging temperatures, sunshine reduces the time get cold, autumn rains begin.

We should pay special attention to your diet to keep your health this season. Professor Dr. Bradley Wilson that is nutritionist and head of the Department of Preventive Medicine at the Faculty of Public Health at the Medical University in Dublin, explained that the intake of 400 grams of fruit and vegetables a day will ensure good health and tone in the autumn.

In the cold months of great importance for the organism is sufficiently regular intake of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Autumn is fertile and specialists advise to bet on seasonal fruits and vegetables. We have a wide choice of succulent fruits and many vegetables that can be eaten both raw and cooked – for example, cabbage and carrots.
We should not exclude meat from your diet, but it is advisable to focus on low-fat meats and fish, to attend our table at least once a week. Dr. Baykova advise two days of the week are dedicated to lean dishes, which in the autumn there are many and varied proposals. On our table must attend low-fat dairy products and eggs.

Eating vegetables
How to eat properly in autumn and to obtain necessary for the human body vitamins minerals without completely exclude animal food and fish

When juices also recommendation is to bet on seasonal products. With energy for a successful day will load juices of apples, pears and grapes. You can prepare your drink only one kind of these fruits or mix them with the juice of carrots and beets, which will enrich the taste and content of the drink.

Eating Grapes

Lately, more and more popularity extract juices. Dr. Baykova explains that they are a convenient and easy way to get vitamins in our busy lives. The dietitian recommends fruits and vegetables, which are prepared juices are blended.
This means to grind in a blender whole fruit, thus in Fresh to retain their fiber.

Blending allows liquefaction of the fruits of which can not squeeze enough juice as avocados and bananas, and leafy vegetables such as spinach and arugula.