couple eat etiquette
Proper behavior on the table and how to eat more etiquette absorbed from a very early age

Proper behavior on the table and how to eat by etiquette absorbed from a very early age. Nevertheless, some details escape of the majority of people. Here are the basic rules that we must follow when we eat a label.

How to eat a label not only at home but also in public places?


* When are served as a side dish in small plates or individual salad, eaten with a fork.
* The juice of lettuce is not consumed with a spoon, it must remain on the plate.
* Of the total salad everyone puts in his salad plate using a larger spoon and fork.
* “Roses” of radishes or celery can be taken by hand to bite them and the residue can be left at the end of the plate or in a dedicated waste bowl.
* With a piece of bread in his left hand, you can help to put on the salad fork.
* Soups are served in deep bowls and broths and cream soups in mugs with one or two handles. They are eaten with a spoon in his right hand, cup sticks left. And only the rest of no hot broth can be drunk straight from the cup.
* It should be the spirit nor the plate or on the full spoon to cool the soup. It is best to wait for it to cool itself.
* If the soup is vegetable chunks or balls of mincemeat, you can splinter.
* Do not tilt the plate either to himself or in the opposite direction when trying to like eating soup the rest on the bottom.
And fish and meat are divided into small pieces in consumption

Proper nutrition label

fish dishes
* They require special cutlery – knife shaped like a shovel and fork with three teeth.
* The fish is eaten parts. At first off the flesh from the bones of the upper part. Once it has been eaten, the fish turns and the action is repeated once more.
* If your mouth fall small bones, using a fork must remove them discreetly and leave them at the end of your plate or saucer waste.
* If there are no special utensils for fish, you can use two forks.

people eat etiquette
How to eat more etiquette because these rules will save you from embarrassing moments when you have guests or restaurant

* With the fork in the left hand Food and fork on the right helps you separate the fish.
* Most preferably fish (and meat) to be divided into smaller pieces.
* Fish knife used for cutting fish bones.

Interesting rules on feeding meat dishes

* Roasted meat eaten with a knife and fork. The knife held in the right hand and the fork – the left.
* If you present it boiled or just a big piece of meat, you should cut piece by piece rather than all at once. So it will not cool quickly and will keep longer taste qualities.

* When off the flesh from the bone, it adheres to the fork in the left hand. A knife in the right to remove bone that is placed at the end of the plate.
* Only the bones of small birds can be caught by hand and carefully eats meat about them.