Domestic masks for skin
Domestic masks for smooth and perfect facial skin

Masks and compresses are the perfect face refreshers. They stretch, smooth, soothe, cleanse the skin and help for better blood circulation. Before applying, clean the skin.

– Compresses make the skin soft and supple. First of all, they act supportive and reassuring. Since sensitive, dry skin should be especially careful, these compresses will work very well.
– Masks thicken on the skin and therefore have a stronger blood circulation stimulating effect.
– When applying the mask, care must be taken to ensure that it does not fall into the area of ​​the eyes and mouth.
– In general, masks and compresses are rinsed with lukewarm water. Then wash your face with cold water. It will close the pores of the skin and it will act dry.
– During the action of the mask, enjoy the tranquility and the skin care will become a wonderful relaxation for the body and soul.
“According to the findings of the chronobiologists who discovered the biorhythms of the body, the evening mask works particularly well, since after 18 hours the skin begins to renew and to remove corneous flakes. This is the perfect time for peeling, facial steam bath or mask because the active substances act twice as well.
– After rinsing the mask, the skin should be smeared with face oil to compensate for the loss of moisture.

Masks for normal skin

Lavender mask
Products: 20 ml. Of lavender water, 20 ml. rose water, a little humor
Preparation: Mix the lavender and rose water with the humus to obtain a thick creamy paste.
Application: Apply mask to face and neck. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Banana compress for mixed skin type

Day and night cream with collagen and elastin
This compress is particularly beneficial in mixed skin.
Products: 1 banana, 1 hl of honey, 1 yolk, 2 cl. Of cottage cheese, whole wheat nuts (as needed)
Preparation: We whiten the banana and crush it. Mix the banana pulp with honey, yolk and cottage cheese. In half of the table, mix such a quantity of wheat nuts to obtain a thick cream slurry. The remains may eat. The banana mix is ​​very tasty and nutritious.

perfect face refreshers
Domestic masks for smooth and perfect facial skin

Bananas are excellent moisture carriers for the skin and are therefore very suitable for dry skin care.

Tea tree compression in acne

Products: 2 ounces of jojoba oil, 6 drops of tea tree essential oil.
Preparation: Mix the two oils.
Application: Apply the mixture to the cleaned face and let it work for about 15 minutes. The action is particularly intense if the compress is applied during a warm bath. Then the skin is warmed and therefore able to absorb the active substances of the oils.
Aloe vera mask with lemon – works whitening and wipes and pigmentation
This mask moistens and makes the skin more elastic.
Products: 1l of pure aloe vera gel, 1 liter of essential citric acid.
Application: With our hands we spread the face and neck emulsion abundantly. Rinse with lukewarm water.
During the action of the mask, you can also put loose compresses on the eyes.

Face mask with yeast

Products: 2 tablespoons finely chopped mint leaves, 150 ml. water, 1 teaspoon of dry yeast.
Preparation: From the mint leaves and the water we prepare the infusion and leave it to cool. Mix the chilled broth with the yeast.
Application: Apply the mask on the face and leave it for 10-15 minutes to dry. Rinse with lukewarm water. Wipe a swab with some cold water and with it we absorb the skin.
Mask with oatmeal
Products: 4 tablespoons of oat flour, about 2 tablespoons of hot milk, 1/2 teaspoons of lemon juice.
Preparation: Mix the oatmeal with such a quantity of fresh milk to obtain a thick creamy paste. Add the lemon juice. Application: Apply mask to face, neck and neckline. After 15 minutes, we take a paper towel.
The residue is rinsed with lukewarm water.
Anti-wrinkle compress
This smoothing complex is very suitable for aging skin.
Products: 1 tsp avocado oil, 2 tsp cottage cheese.
Preparation: Mix avocado oil with curd.
Application: Apply the table and leave it for 15 minutes. Take a cosmetic handkerchief, and rinse the remainder with lukewarm water.