Eating high cholesterol
Eating high cholesterol, foods that need to reduce consumption, reducing total calorific value of food and reduce weight

High Cholesterol Diet – recommended products. We all know how dangerous holesdterolat. But only in theory. In fact we do not think more than a healthy lifestyle, pleading with everyday life, stress and problems. High cholesterol is provoking the emergence of many diseases including diabetes, cancer and atherosclerosis.

Since diets are a major preventive treatment for such problems, this article will be of great benefit. Poor nutrition is the number one cause of high cholesterol levels. If you frequently overdo animal fats – butter, cream and other high-fat products, it helps to increase levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and retention in blood vessels.

Another significant factor is the excessive use of candy, chocolate and pasta, which are high energy content. This trend in Harnett reason for weight gain. To lower cholesterol should reduce total calorific value of food to normalize body weight. Foods that contain protein – milk, fish, dairy products and fatty meat may be adopted in ordinary amounts. Must reduce animal fat, salty foods, sweets and sugar.

It’ll be good if you eat fish 1-2 times a week. Yogurt also helps to normalize blood cholesterol. All diets that aim to combat high cholesterol, contain fruits and vegetables and their juices. Ballast substances in these products are almost zero caloric content but are of great importance for the proper functioning of the digestive system and metabolism.

strawberry against bad cholesterol
Eating high cholesterol – recommended products

In apples, medlar, quince, peaches, carrots and grapefruit contains pectin – dietary fiber, which is as natural medicine. You can buy it from pharmacies, but your nature gives it for granted. Pectin prevents reabsorb cholesterol and regulate its content in the blood.

Besides ballast substances, fruits, vegetables and juices they are rich in vitamins and minerals. They will help you in the fight against cholesterol. Besides diet, remember regular exercise and frequent exercise. Not only strawberries are beneficial and recommended to reduce the bad cholesterol.

A piece of watermelon can also help in the fight against cholesterol, according to results from a previous study. Snack 500 g strawberries a day can help to beat the so-called. bad cholesterol, according to a study. Triglyceride levels will also be reduced, according to the study.