Healthy ways to consume aubergine
Healthy ways to consume aubergine

Healthy ways to consume aubergine and health effects. The blue tomato comes from India. This millennium has been a major cultivator and consumer of useful vegetables. The rest of the world finds it relatively late.

It is only in the last few centuries that Europe has begun to understand the health benefits of consuming it and to include it in the culinary and sensible diet.

In India, for example, there are dozens of ways to prepare it, some of which are strictly specific to the specific region of the country. The eggplant can be smoked, baked, stewed, seasoned with curry, made on pickle, dried, fried.

However, the main thing we need to take into account is that the less it prepares, the better it will preserve its valuable nutrients. It is best for the vegetable to be stewed or baked. Its usual frying in too much fat is not particularly advisable.

Consume aubergine with meat

You will retain its good qualities if you leave it slightly crunchy and apply a short heat treatment. The traditional way of eliminating its characteristic, overburning taste is to cut the cut vegetables into salt and let them stand for about 30 minutes.

The same effect the Indians achieve by soaking the blue tomato for 20 minutes in water with a tamarind water fruit extract. This preserves the natural color of the vegetable (it does not darken) and removes the slight bitterness due to a certain alkaloid in aubergine.

healthy aubergine
aubergine vegetables rich in fiber and with very few calories.

Cultivation of aubergines is similar to that of tomatoes. Blue tomato contains the highest concentration of antioxidant sunscreen and minerals of calcium and potassium among all plants.

This is certainly the title of the king of vegetables. According to Ayurveda, this vegetable cleanses the body, helps with painful gases, clears the phlegm, heals insomnia and improves digestion.

This vegetable is also rich in fiber, which helps with constipation, hemorrhoids and colitis. It has few calories and absolutely no fat. Therefore, when digested, the eggplant absorbs fat, passing through the digestive system, thus helping for easier weight loss.