Healthy winter menu
Try balanced meals, keep in the winter our internal clock

A healthy menu for vegetarians, many people think that vegetarians do not eat healthy and that vegetarianism as such is a movement of modern society. Both things are a complete delusion. Many ancient philosophers and thinkers such as Pythagoras, Plutarch, Plato, Socrates, Seneca, and Buddha were vegetarians, world-famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh, writers, poets, musicians and many others too.

It is also wrong to claim that vegetarians eat incompletely because they are deprived of the protein contained in meat products, because in properly combining plant proteins, nothing really prevents vegetarians’ healthy diet. Vegetarianism is divided into several currents and the diet depends mostly on what people have decided to eat, following the principles of these movements.

For example, ovolakt-vegetarians eat no meat but consume milk, eggs and honey, while lacto-geneticists consume neither meat nor eggs. Vegans, for their part, do not consume any animal products, including milk, cheese, yellow cheese, eggs and honey. The most extreme are the raw oats which, in addition to not consuming meat and dairy products, do not heat the food they eat.

Healthy menu for vegetarians
Vegetarianism as such is a movement of modern society

There are also semi-vegetarians who do not eat meat, but eat chicken and fish, so they are not well accepted by real vegetarians. Except for raw oats, which are a slightly different topic, all other vegetarians can eat completely healthy. Most of them know about the principle of protein supplementation, which guides the healthy diet of all vegetarians.

It is based on the combination of different plant proteins, the combination being in many cases better than meat proteins. For example, combining legumes that are almost methionine-free with grasses poor in lysine results in high quality protein intake. In keeping with this basic principle, every vegetarian’s menu can be quite healthy, even healthier than people who like to eat meat.

Healthy winter menu

In winter it is very difficult to keep a diet. You do not need to keep on dieting to compensate for the jabbing with sweet and greasy. Immunity decreases, hormonal functions and metabolism undergo some changes. That’s why it’s a must to eat properly to make your body feel good. In the winter, people move less, which leads to reduced energy consumption. The lack of enough light leads to the production of less melatonin, which causes a feeling of anxiety.

That is why many people abuse delicious but unhealthy foods. In order to eat properly in the winter, you have to follow some rules. Eat warm food. Do not forget about the soup, the main dish and the toppings should also be warm. Be careful with the sweet and especially the pastry. Focus on broths and vegetable soups. Do not forget the vegetables. Stewed or steamed vegetables should be present every day on your menu.

Limit caffeine. Instead, drink herbal tea. In the winter, a good breakfast is muesli with warm fresh milk or two toasted slices of yellow cheese. Before lunch, eat an avocado with a small piece of cheese. Dine with soup, meat for main course, with a garnish of steamed vegetables. In the afternoon, eat a fruit, and for dinner eat baked fish or spaghetti with tomato sauce.