Healthy eating against cellulite
Healthy eating against cellulite can prepare meals from fresh ingredients and do not use any cooked damage fat cells caused by siltation of toxins

The theme of healthy eating against cellulite is inexhaustible and is updated every year with the onset of the first warm days. Post what and why it occurs is not one or two. Here are what are most common: Cellulite is a disease of subcutaneous fat. Due to the female hormones estrogen and the characteristics of our structure.

In other words each representative of the fairer sex is afflicted by cellulite in one degree or another. In all these theories is true, but I think the first two are too extreme – how is it possible roughness of the skin disease to hem, hem norm. Therefore, the most reasonable seems the third – cellulite is a consequence of unhealthy lifestyles, as well as yellowing of teeth in all smokers.

Toxins absorbed by our faulty food, contaminated water, the air filled with automobile emissions. Our liver has the task to neutralize them, but over the years began to be difficult and they are deposited in fat cells, making them deformed beyond recognition. The most vulnerable areas are those in which muscle mass is a little – buttocks, upper thighs, abdomen. How to fight this scourge?

eating against cellulite
The theme of healthy eating against cellulite is inexhaustible and is updated every year with the onset of the first warm days

If you live in a big city, it is virtually impossible to isolate from all harmful substances. But in our ability at least to change your diet. What nourishes cellulite: All canned sausages and cooked, chips and fast food, because they contain too many preservatives or other chemical additives. And smoked heavily toasted grilled meats (including chicken) because they form benzopirin – a strong carcinogen.

Fat meat, because on the one hand contains a lot of saturated fat, and on the other it is in them accumulate harmful substances from industrial animal farming – pesticides, hormones and others. White flour, refined sugar, margarine and anything made from them – sweets, snacks and bread. Carbonated beverages, which consist of artificial colorants, flavors and sweeteners (usually aspartame).

One of the most insidious are ready broths and combined mixes. They contain a huge amount of artificial flavors, to which often addictive and then every real food seems bland. We can replace them with aromatic spices like basil, ginger, coriander, marjoram, turmeric, oregano, thyme and others. Among other things, they contain essential oils that are naturally antibacterial.

What will set us free from toxins: Green leafy vegetables – salads, spinach, nettles, onions and garlic. Focus on apples and lemons because they are rich in pectin cleansing the body. Cold vegetable oil – extra virgin olive oil, unrefined sunflower and rapeseed oil, linseed oil. Fresh fruits and vegetables in season. Do not think that you are doing something good for your health, and eat strawberries in December.

To grow without sun, they are fueled by strong fertilizers, and contain preservatives to last long in the stores. So during the winter, preferably frozen or better yet dried fruits and vegetables. Yoghurt, which are a source of beneficial bacteria. Avoid defatted because the expense of lessons fats are “enriched” with various fillers. Bread and wholemeal products.

They are rich in insoluble fiber, which do not allow toxic substances to retain in our body. Teas of herbs that help the liver and purify the body – nettle, milfoil, raspberry leaf, chamomile. It is best to sweeten with candied me. Replacing the usual coffee with chicory extract. Do not react with disgust – this drink is very pleasant to taste and really looks like instant coffee. Moreover, it is rich in inulin prebiotic.