Healthy Diet for Teenagers
Good reason to choose healthy food

A healthy diet for teens  is very important because the body, which becomes an adult and all its systems are reset, needs certain substances. Between the tenth and ’13 organism grows and he needs calcium. It should be emphasized dairy products should not be problems with the musculoskeletal system. Most – important thing in feeding teenagers to take only healthy food.

Teenagers need a lot of calories and nutrients, especially calcium and iron, which are vital for the growth in this stage of life. Right amount of calories for young people vary as well as adults, but the girls quantity of about 1800 to 2100 calories a day, while boys are needed from 2200 to 2700 calories a day.

It sounds a lot like amount, but remember that at this age the body grows and develops and needs more energy to stay healthy and to support the rapid speed at which teens live.

We can hardly think that young people eat healthy all the time, but there are several important rules that must be respected by all. For building muscles need protein, and it is of animal origin. Between 14th and ’16 form the endocrine glands and then pimples and blackheads. To reduce should carefully consume food with fat. At the ’18 body is already fully formed and ready for adult life.

At that time teens begin experimenting with various diets, which is very harmful for them. Nutrition should load the body of a teenager with energy and nutrients.

Healthy Eating for Teens
healthy diet for teenagers is very important because the body

Products indispensable in this respect are milk, fruits, vegetables, bread, pulses and meat. Care should be taken with sugar, salt and fat. It is imperative fourfold food intake. Lunch should be considered the most food per day – about 40%, breakfast and dinner – at 25%, afternoon snack should be 15 percent of the total food.

Healthy Diet for Teenagers

Breakfast teenager must contain hot meats. This may be a hot sandwich with cooked meat, with the addition of a portion of fruit or vegetables. Useful snacks for teenagers are fish, omelets, oatmeal with milk. The coffee is not suitable for teenagers, for them is good to drink morning cocoa, tea, juice or compote.

Lunch should necessarily include soup and a main dish like him to go and salad. Dessert fresh or dried fruit. Afternoon snack is necessary for the growing organism. It should include dairy products and pasta. Dinner should be lighter omelet, hash, stewed vegetables. Bedtime is recommended drinking fresh milk with honey or yogurt with fruit.