Healthy cooking fries and how to fry without harmful? French fries are among the favorite foods of both small and large. Unfortunately, recent science seemed to focus more on their negative sides than the pleasure that comes their snack. Nutritionists around the world do not stop trumpeting that they are a source of harmful saturated fatty acids that are produced when frying.

Healthy cooking fries
Healthy cooking fries at home so that they are not harmful for the body, what, represents acrylamide and how dangerous to humans

Crunchy kartofcheta yet been blamed for the occurrence of dangerous conditions such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood glucose level and even certain cancers. This scares many people and makes them abandon its greatest weakness. That is limiting is fond of fries, we have great news. British scientists have discovered how to prepare French fries, so as to avoid a risk of cancer.

They believe that if the fries are fried at most until golden, their consumption would not be so harmful as everyone thinks. According to the Food Standards Agency when fry some food at high temperatures and they are dyed a darker color, form a substance called acrylamide.

That substance is carcinogenic and can still be found in cigarette smoke, writes Daily Mail. Scientists warn more that 51 per cent of the reach of children comes just acrylamide from French fries, croquettes and crisps, which they gladly nibbling at every opportunity.

Healthy fries
Healthy cooking fries and how to fry without harmful?

In order not to form dangerous substance, all these foods should be subjected to frying as many as gain a slight golden color. The same goes for baked slices. The bread should not be left in the toaster until it becomes dark tint. Otherwise, it will also be the winner of acrylamide and will be no less harmful than fries. According to scientists acrylamide never be underestimated, as it really can be quite dangerous.

Studies in this area have made it clear that he is genotoxic and carcinogenic. It damages DNA and predisposes to cancer induction. And unfortunately most vulnerable to such health problems remain children.