Health benefits of sour cabbage
Health benefits of sour cabbage hangover and excess stomach acidity

Health benefits of sour cabbage against hangover and excess stomach acidity. With the onset of cold weather and autumn most people are caught preparing pickles. Central to this attitude takes preparation of sauerkraut, which later began to frequently attend our table.

Putting sauerkraut in tubs and drums is a real ritual and the whole family began waiting impatiently when you can try the taste. The benefits of sauerkraut and cabbage juice has already written a lot.

And there is hardly anyone who has not heard that it is probably the biggest otrezvitel. According to the old Russian tradition is good to drink cabbage juice before you sit down to a cup to not get drunk, and if this happens again help comes cabbage juice, which will protect you from the expected hangover.

Here, however, we will list some little known facts about the benefits of sauerkraut and cabbage juice:

– sour cabbage is very rich in nicotinic acid, which in turn take care of our good looks. It makes our hair vibrant and gives it shine and also protects nails from fragility;

– sour cabbage strengthens our immune system protects us from colds, colds and even flu conditions. Its secret lies in the fact that it is very rich in vitamin C;

– Most of us know that sauerkraut may lead to gases or feeling of fullness in the stomach, but it happens only in people who have excess stomach acidity. Otherwise, doctors advised patients who suffer from gastric ulcer or duodenal regularly consume sauerkraut;

Health benefits of sauerkraut
Health benefits of sour cabbage with stomach problems, strengthens the immune system, it helps with hangovers

– In a recent study, it appears that sauerkraut works well on male potency. Study participants consumed 3 times a day sauerkraut themselves have found that it affects their well of masculinity;

– sour cabbage was used in the alternative medicine for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer;

– sour cabbage works well the liver and can deliver from chronic constipation;

– With sauerkraut you can heal hemorrhoids. He may even save you from worms. However, this should drink 500 ml cabbage juice every time before eating it and for at least 20 days.

Now is the season of pickles and sour cabbage . Ideal time to listen to Russian dietitians diet with sauerkraut. This low-calorie food is very rich in vitamins A, B, C and K, and minerals.

The general rule in this diet is to limit carbohydrates, especially sugar, since it is stored in fat depots and converted into fat.