Since 1985 on 20.03. in many countries announced the health benefits of meat-free food. The date is being celebrated not only to start killing fewer animals that we need to be compassionate to, but also because if we stopped eating so much meat, we would be better able to deal with the negative changes in the environment .

Health advantages of meat-free food for men

In the following lines, we will not urge you to completely stop eating meat and animal products and become vegetarians or vegans. It is a matter of personal choice. However, we will show you that if you learn not to eat meat at least once a week, you will reap many health benefits for your body.

1. A meat-free day reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease The diet of vegetarians is very rich in unsaturated fats, vitamins and good cholesterol – all substances that keep the heart healthy. Even if you do not switch completely to a vegetarian diet, following a vegetarian diet at least one day a week will reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and any other cardiovascular disease.

Meat-free food advantage for women

2. A day without meat reduces the risk of cancer A 32-year study by Harvard researchers found that the risk of cancer was much lower in people who gave up eating meat.

3. A day without meat improves mood Almost all vegetarians eat only fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Emphasis is placed on those that are home-grown or organic. Without GMOs, E’s and other harmful substances, our body feels much better, which also affects our mood. Or as they say – a healthy spirit in a healthy body.

4. A day without meat leads to weight reduction When you eat meat, you eat a lot more calories and fat. If you get used to not offering any meat on the table at least one day a week, you and your relatives will notice relatively quickly that you have started to lose weight.

5. A day without meat leads to a feeling of satisfaction As we said at the beginning, World Meat Free Day is also celebrated to protect the environment. Meat production is associated with the use of large amounts of water, which leads to soil erosion. According to the UN, if meat consumption is kept to a minimum, it will also reduce the negative effects of climate change. And we are convinced that if you realize that you contribute at least a little to the protection of the environment, you will also experience inner satisfaction from your good deed.

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