benefits of coconut oil
Health benefits of coconut oil in our daily lives

Health benefits of coconut oil in our daily lives. When choosing hair products, we most often see advertising and packaging of the product, the texture of the product, the smell and sastava. Most expensive cosmetic products contain substances hazardous to your health. Some of them contain alcohol, which can dry the hair and scalp and cause breakage of the hair follicles.

Another ingredient is a mineral oil, which is obtained from crude oil. It is most often in baby oil and oils for hair. Its use in large quantities, however, prevent moisture absorption in the scalp, and thus may slow down hair growth. There are a lot of harmful chemicals contained in cosmetics. The best product for anything is 100% natural with no chemistry, and so is coconut oil.

Why should I use coconut oil?

Because it contains lauric acid, which slows down the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi on the hair. Lauric acid e one of the main ingredients of breast milk. It has a very strong antimicrobial action. The oil scalp maintained moist, and thereby prevents cracks, irritation and hair loss.

Diets with coconut oil
Health benefits of coconut oil important for women.

The oil can penetrate the hair, thereby protecting it from direct heat from the sun and other environmental contaminants. Rubbing of coconut water in the scalp helps to improve the blood flow, thereby ensuring that the hair continuously fed with nutrients required for growth is.

Coconut oil for weight loss

Coconut diet is divided into four phases. The creators of this diet believe that fat from coconut react differently to the exchange of substances, unlike other fats.

According to them the fat of the coconut is not stored in the body and immediately turn into pure energy. Furthermore, coconut oil improves metabolism, improves the function of the thyroid gland, cope successfully with various digestive problems.

Diet with coconut oil is mainly based on the fact that in areas where the consumption of coconut oil is high, very rarely have problems with obesity. Moreover, local residents Begin suffers from widespread west chronic diseases. Here’s what the phases of the diet with coconut oil:

1. The first phase lasts 21 days and it includes vegetables and lean meats. Do not eat fruit, sweets and cereals, also during these three weeks should have three main meals. Among them are allowed 1-2 snacks. In these 21 days can be downloaded 5 or more kilograms.

cosmetics with coconut oil
Diets which present coconut oil and cosmetics with coconut oil

2. The second stage is purification – during this period should be consumed various vegetable drinks that aim to cleanse the internal organs.
– For breakfast, eat eggs with bacon and vegetables with a small amount of coconut oil. You can also add coconut milk. Pred3. The third phase allows the regime to include a limited amount of starch and several fruits and cereals.
4. The last fourth phase is maintenance regime – his goal is to be able to hold your weight. The list of allowed foods is increasing, but there are still things that should not be eaten.

These are alcohol, several fruits and sweets. During these 4 phases it is recommended to consume pure coconut oil – most preferably about 3 tablespoons per day, and may add it to sauces and dressings as well as shakes. Here’s one possible menu:

The lunch menu includes a salad of tomatoes, green leafy vegetables. Afternoon snack allowing slice goat cheese and a little celery for dinner and eat fish with brown rice and garnish salad with coconut oil.