Health benefits clams mediterranean
Health benefits of clams are seafood with a specific taste and aroma.

Health benefits of clams are seafood with a specific taste and aroma. Mussels (Bivalvia) are a class of aquatic molluscs, the body of which is made up of head, torso and leg and is protected by one or two symmetrical shells. The latter are connected by means of flexible ligament, by which one or two muscles on the inside of opening or closing them. Do you like clams?

The shells of mussels are made primarily of calcium carbonate. Known are thousands of species of mussels spread throughout all the seas and oceans, and a number of them are freshwater. Most often konsuminaranata acorn turns Mytilus galloprovincialis. Black mussels represents mollusk elongated shell with dark or light blue color. There is a big difference between mussels cultivated in the kennel, which in general are delicious (and a slightly convex shell) and shellfish from the Mediterranean or Spain, which are wider and rounded.

It is paramount not to consume shellfish that are unexplained. They sell live with a label stamped by the health service. Oyster scallop is also known as “oyster with the golden eggs.” Large mussels, which are available from late September to May, and frozen shelled can be found throughout the year. Interesting is the history of these mussels. Back in the Middle Ages pilgrims of Saint-Jacques de Compostela gathered on the beach shells and put them on their clothes as a sign that visited the holy place.

Hence remains behalf of those shells, which lie at a depth of 5 to 40 meters of the sandy bottom of the Atlantic coast of France and Spain. Later their exceptional taste becomes a real discovery for fishermen who at first often caught mussels back into the ocean. Today common scallops are one of the pillars of French cuisine.

There are two types: one is found in the Atlantic and the other in the Mediterranean. Atlantic oysters are fleshy and do not melt during cooking. Commercial size is 10-15 cm, and in a mussel has about ’90 firm white meat. True scallops are mainly European, mostly French (Brittany and Normandy).

Health benefits of clams
Health benefits of clams source of many proteins, vitamin A and D, minerals zinc, phosphorus and iodine, but use them for consumption with caution

Despite the name Coquilles Saint Jacques, the label must appear and their Latin name, which must bear the word pecten. These mussels are often served in American – white oil, or Provencal, steamed or skewers. They are delicate dish lightly with sugar and very fine taste, which does not tolerate overheating.

It can be eaten raw, marinated in olive oil, lemon juice or simply as part of a salad. Fresh clams should be alive, heavy and glossy shell, if not closed – tap the top, live oysters will immediately close. Choosing your fresh mussels will ensure your food with a high amount of proteins necessary for the body’s needs, and with low calorific value.

This makes seafood ideal ally to almost any diet diet. Mussels are rich in vitamins A and D, and minerals zinc, phosphorus and iodine play a role in various physiological processes in the body. Healthy risk associated with their consumption. Not surprisingly called mussels’ filter of the sea. ” Each of them has the ability to filter the daily average 82 liters of water and that is why their consumption requires caution.

Some mussels can accumulate toxic substances (e. Enteric organisms such as hepatitis A and E viruses and Noruolk-pathogenic E. coli, Salmonella typhi, Shigella, Vibrio, Aeromonas and Plesiomonas) in its interior, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. Often observed infectious outbreaks, the reason for that lies in the consumption of mussels in the summer, purchased most often by unlicensed traders on the beach. How to choose the clams?

Definitely in the selection of such products must be careful because the consequences for our body would have been really serious. The first thing you should pay attention to is the commercial establishment from which you procured seafood. Then we must remember that fresh mussels always sell live – they should be shiny, well-sealed and with strong shells. Because open mussels are not safe for consumption. Each clamshell that has a damaged shell or one that even after heat treatment is not amenable to opening must be removed. You can eat raw clams on the day of purchase or cooked within three days thereafter.