Health benefits of black sesame one of the most ancient spices that has come down to us. The homeland of this plant is considered to be the Sunda Islands of Indonesia. However, the love for these crunchy rice crackers turned out to be so great that today sesame is grown in different parts of the world. And this is not only because of its spicy taste, but also for the amazing abilities of this plant. In ancient India, sesame was part of the elixir of immortality, the first beauties of Babylon added sesame seeds to cosmetics and food – to prolong youth, and the soldiers of the imperial army ate sesame to increase endurance. Legends associated with the miraculous properties of small black seeds are scientifically proven today.

Health benefits of black sesame
Health benefits of black sesame

Useful properties of black sesame

Here are some reasons why you should add black sesame seeds to your diet right now: In terms of composition, black sesame is the record for the amount of calcium. 100 g of seeds contain almost a daily norm of this microelement – more than 1000 mg. The zinc in the seeds also helps to strengthen bone density. Healthy properties of sesame is rich in sesamolin and sesamin, antioxidants that lower bad cholesterol. In addition, the seeds contain magnesium, which helps control blood pressure. Massage with sesame oil, it contains a lot of vitamin E, which will help strengthen the skin, maintain its elasticity and get rid of unpleasant breakouts.

Unpredictable guts? Black sesame, which we use as a sprinkle for various pies, tutmanits and cuties, will set them in the right way – with the help of dietary fiber and healthy oils. In defense of immunity – antioxidants: fiber, lignans and sesamin, which protect the liver from the harmful effects of free radicals and help the body eliminate toxins faster. Black sesame is also useful because it improves good mood. In combination with calcium, magnesium relieves anxiety and stress. Tryptophan and thiamine help the body produce the “mood hormone” serotonin.

benefits of black sesame
Health benefits of black sesame contain about 560 kcal.

The benefits of black sesame for women

Black sesame is indispensable for the female body. Calcium, iron, vitamin B1, zinc, molybdenum, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium and dietary fiber – the seeds contain a whole complex to combat mood swings and premenstrual phase. Are you breastfeeding? Black sesame increases breast milk. Calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, B vitamins, unsaturated fats and protein in the seeds are useful, especially for lactating women. Sesame will also be indispensable for postmenopausal women. The phytoestrogen contained in the seeds will compensate for the lack of female sex hormones estrogen (its production stops during menopause) and slows down the aging process of the body as a whole. Eastern phytomedicine claims that black sesame can turn the clock back – to restore hearing and visual acuity, improve memory and even get rid of gray hair.

In Japan, they even conducted an experiment involving gray-haired men and women. For three months, they ate two tablespoons of black sesame seeds every day. After two months, the dark hair began to grow back. The benefits of black sesame for men If you want to turn your husband into a passionate lover – add black sesame seeds to his dish. The seeds contain large amounts of zinc and copper, which have a stimulating effect on the prostate. In addition, these trace elements activate blood circulation, which will subsequently increase the duration of the erection. And vitamin E in the male body will add sexual activity.