properties of tahini
benefits and properties of tahini product that has entered our country from the Middle East

Health benefits and properties of tahini  product that has entered our country from the Middle East and Asia. There people have figured out how to fully digest the nutrients contained in sesame seeds, namely the paste called tahini.

When in normal condition, the seeds of sesame again pass through our digestive system but are not fully absorbed by the body. There are fat in the talc, half of them saturated and the rest are omega-3 and 6. The benefits we can get from the tahini  are numerous. Namely:

1. Tahini has the ability to promote and facilitate the digestion of food. Because the seeds of the sesame are digested very well and finely, the paste of them is processed very well by our organism. Extremely suitable for people who have stomach upset because it does not irritate the stomach itself and helps to soothe it.

Health benefits of tahini
Tahini is a source of calcium and phytonutrients

2. Sesame paste is a very rich source of almost all B vitamins. As you know, this vitamin is necessary for some processes in our body. Tahini  helps for a better and healthier growth of our cells.

3. Tahini is an indispensable source of calcium. We all get the necessary amounts of calcium from milk and dairy products. Half a portion of the Tahini contains almost half the required daily dose of the body.

4. Tahini is a very good partner in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases because it contains phytosterols. Sesame seeds contain good amounts of magnesium that help with high blood levels by lowering it.

5. If you are taking Tahini, you will also enjoy a healthy brain. As we have mentioned, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are contained in the tang, which improves and maintains the health of the brain.

Tahini  has exceptional antioxidant properties
Tahini has exceptional antioxidant properties

The tango also contains manganese, which takes good care of the nervous functions of the brain and its good work.

6. Tahini  has exceptional antioxidant properties because it contains a large amount of honey. Copper has very good properties to help with inflammation or swelling of the joints in arthritis. Tahini  is also very useful for people suffering from asthma. It contains phytonutrients that help the liver to protect against damage caused by oxidation.

7. It helps a lot for your respiratory and vascular systems to be in perfect health. We know now that magnesium contains magnesium in the sesame, but it does not only help the heart but also has a tonic effect on the blood vessels. Also, magnesium helps asthmatics because it prevents the contraction of the airways.