Healing spice oregano
Healing spice oregano invaluable herb that regulates blood sugar

Healing spice oregano little known herb but Greece is a great application in the kitchen. Oregano is an analogue of our parsley and is used in almost all dishes and salads.

Few people know that tea oregano treat bunch of diseases. Prepare easy. Mix 300 ml of hot water and 2 teaspoons oregano. Cover is with lid and soak for 15-20 minutes. Then strain and drink.

Tea oregano is used for:
1. Strengthen the immune system;
2. When insomnia;
3. It is useful in diabetes;
4. Has a tonic and brings spirit;
5. Regulates blood sugar;
6. Improves digestion;
7. Removes headaches;
8. Strengthens hair. Just after washing only need to pour a decoction of oregano and blow it dry;

oregano little known herb
Healing spice oregano invaluable herb that strengthens the immune system and acts a tonic mood

9. oregano is useful for eczema and skin inflammations. Using 50 g of oregano 10 liters of water and make hot tube of the patient. Pre herb pour 1 liter of hot water. Leave for 30 minutes, then strain. The resulting brew is mixed with 9 liters of hot water and makes a warm bath;

10. The herb helps with toothache. If you have tooth pain, prepare butter with oregano.

Used a handful of dried oregano, bay with oil to cover the herb. Best in a jar with a screw cap. Should stand so no less than 12 hours.

Then, with a small ball of cotton melts in the oil and place on the aching tooth. The oil is used for spreading and skin lichens, eczema and other skin problems.