healing properties of turnip
The healing properties of turnip as a home-cooked meal or against many diseases of the digestive system and the respiratory system

The healing properties of turnip for the prevention and treatment. Turnip – belong to her all hot roots of cruciferous family such as white, red, black, yellow, short or round turnips, radishes, horseradish and devilish The hot Japanese green horseradish “wasabi” eaten sushi. The radish helps digestion. One of the curative effects of turnip is stimulating activity and bile drainage of bile. This process involves both sulfur-containing mustard oils and bitter substances.

Turnip  cough. Hot mustard oils turnip have two actions: they block the multiplication of bacteria while growing irritated nerve nerve, which causes increased production of fluid in the cells of the lining of the bronchi. In this way it is achieved a better cough. Turnip block the emergence of carcinogens.

Turnips contain any amounts of anticancer agents: glyukosinolati as mustard oils and indoles, phenolic acids and flavonoids. These bioactive substances stimulate the formation and activity of the antidote enzymes and prevent the formation of dangerous carcinogens than originally safest substances (eg – nitrite form carcinogenic nitrosamine).

Health advice. Digestive complaints, coupled with constipation, helps fresh radish juice – your drink 3 times a day a small cup (about 50ml of brandy glass) before meals. Old home remedy for cough, hoarseness and bronchitis, carved inside of a turnip, cavity filled with honey and let stand for 3-4 hours.

Then pour the recipient of juice and taken by teaspoon several times a day. Gives the skin elasticity and improves the appearance of hair. Red radish is rich in folic acid that is important in pregnancy, but also enhances the formation of some hormones. Its high potassium content helps drainage of the body and also exempt them from toxic substances. It is also rich in calcium, copper, zinc and vitamin A.

home-cooked meal or against many diseases
turnip as a home-cooked meal or against many diseases

The high amounts of cellulose in turnip clears excess cholesterol from the stomach. Red radish juice is recommended in the treatment of tumors. It affects and expectorant. Raw and grated radish has healing properties in the absence of appetite, helps with anemia and raises the immune system, restores the body after illness and great fatigue. The radish is used in problems with the nerves, helps with depression, anxiety and stress. What is useful red radish? The high fiber content in red radish helps to better peristalsis.

It helps with bile problems. Radish juice is applied externally to treat boils and wound healing difficult since the juice has a strong antibacterial activity. Raw red radish can be prepared juice, boiled and eaten in soups, salads and other vegetable dishes. Do not peel the turnips before cooking to have passed all the useful and juices.

Yet there are people for whom the consumption of radish is not recommended. These are patients with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, gastritis and colitis. Since the turnip has hot taste, the problem with them can be sharpened. In the past turnip has grown mostly as a therapeutic agent in the Middle Ages bites from venomous animals were treated with brandy turnip;
– During the construction of the Egyptian pyramids slaves gave turnip against various infections
– Turnips in folk medicine is known as a remedy for cough, complaints of bile and digestion. All these applications are confirmed by modern research science unless they are found and many other effects.