Healing properties of sumac
Healing properties of sumac

Healing properties of sumac heal and make us beautiful. The smudge is found on calcareous soils all over the country. It is a bush with dark green leaves and reddish bark.

It always has a specific flavor. The usable part of the sumac is its leaves, which flush in autumn when they bloom. They were beaten just before that moment.

The sumac leaves are probably the most popular herb in folk medicine in the Balkans. They contain tanning substances and flavonoid physetin, which they owe their powerful healing properties.

Thanks to them, the herb acts tightening, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Another special ingredient in the sumac is the essential oils.

The complex compounds that make up it give it a special place in the cosmetics as well as the domestic industry. Combined with the other ingredients, sumac is one of the unique gifts that allows complete and effective skin care.

Smuddling is among the popular raw materials in the production of soaps, shampoos, lotions and cleansers. The main source of health is the rich amount of tannin contained in the leaves.

sumac is particularly useful for problems
folk medicine is used in stomach and kidney problems

In folk medicine, sumac is used for problems such as heartburn, ulcers, diarrhea and dysentery, shortness of breath, blood clotting.

It treats kidney problems, hemorrhoids, severe white blood flow. It is most beneficial for any problems in the oral cavity – bad breath, plaque, sick gums, aphtha, abscesses.

It can be found in the composition of many mouthwashes and toothpastes. Skin diseases are also treated with sumac. In addition to healing, this incredible herb can beautify.

It smooths and strengthens the skin of the face, the symptoms of tension and redness disappear, even acne treatment, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Regular use of sumac products helps to clear pigment spots, shrinking and cleanse the pores.

It actively protects the skin from aggressive climatic factors, reduces sweating, relieves swelling, lichens, pus and helps fight dandruff by cleaning the scalp.

Damage from the sumac

Smidly can only be used for internal use in small amounts, otherwise strong internal irritation may occur. Some believe it should not even be used for in-house use, but only for external flushing.