The healing properties of raspberries against respiratory
The healing properties of raspberries against respiratory irritation and headaches.

Healing properties of raspberries are mentioned as another herb in the XVI century. Raspberries are slightly acidic taste, quite aromatic a nice reddish color.

There since prehistoric times. It is believed that wild raspberries come from East Asia. The seeds them probably carried by travelers or animals that have migrated to the Bering Strait to the south of the Arctic Circle in more ancient times.

First raspberries are mentioned in a written document from 1548 gv old English book on herbal medicine.

The mass breeding of delicious fruit began in Europe and North America in the XIX century, when many new hybrids like loganberi and crosses between raspberry and blackberry.

The largest producers of raspberries nowadays are Poland, Yugoslavia, Germany, America, Russia and Chiili.

Raspberries contain a lot of fiber and antioxidants. Raspberries are high in fiber and antioxidants that give them valuable health properties. The antioxidant properties of raspberries is 50% higher than those of the strawberries.

Because the flavor and juiciness of raspberries, they are a favorite of all, especially the kids. This is crucial, since they contribute to a wide range of nutrients in the body.

Wild raspberry grows in forests and bushes grown and cultivated in almost all regions of the country. In recent years, in many places in Bulgaria have created large amounts and farms raspberries, as it has many medicinal properties. Mali has anti-inflammatory properties. Mali has anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic and browning effect.

antioxidant properties of raspberries
The healing properties of raspberries are mentioned as another herb in the XVI century

Also identified and bactericidal effects and lowering the temperature. Raspberry leaves are used in the cold, rheumatic fever, diarrhea.

In folk medicine is recommended as herbs to be used for prolonged periods, gastritis, enteritis, inflammation of the airways and others.

Roots and color of raspberry accepted for fevers and headaches. Externally it can be used for baths at hemorrhoids and inflammation of the skin of which is made healing potion.

With most healing features forest raspberry, since it they are retained even when heat treatment. Good fruit is treated with sugar or dried. Raspberries grown in rural backyards and cottage gardens are also very useful.

They are valued for containing fruit sugar and pectin. Contains up to 90% sugar, organic acid, especially apple   – from 0.6 to 2.4% and many ketones and essential oils.