Healing properties of raisins
Healing properties of raisins for people who have liver problems

Healing properties of raisins for cleansing the liver bacterial and viral infections. Choose untreated with chemicals raisins liver. We all know that the liver is the biochemical laboratory of the human organism, which develop sophisticated processes. He is responsible for the decomposition of toxins that are formed in our body. Often excessive use of drugs, poor nutrition and certain bacterial and viral infections leave their consequences and rarely pose a threat to the health of the liver.

The procedure for cleaning and detoxification of the liver using the raisins. Cleansing the liver is one of the most effective methods to restore the body and release of chronic diseases and toxins, as actual loading the body with toxins prevents it include a mechanism for self-healing, but also significantly reduces the effectiveness of drugs and recipes of traditional medicine.

Liver in our body has the role of a factory for blood. It also helps stimulate digestion in the body. The liver cleans the blood and removes all the toxins and waste products from it. Hence it is clear that the clean liver is the body health, vitality, energy, pleasant appearance and good mood.

Cleansing the liver with black raisins begins with the following procedure: choose quality raisins that today we can not find it easy. To avoid light, pleasant yellow raisins. The bright color of raisins is the result of his treatment with sulfur dioxide or in the best case of violation of the rules for their drying. Do not pay attention to the “brilliant” raisins, which is also chemical treatment.

Quality raisins are dull, wrinkled, not too soft nor too hard (like rubber). Raisins should be healthy and not damaged. Good raisins must be dark in color (if it is a lighter grape – it has a light brown color). There are also black raisins with a grayish tinge, which are obtained from dark grapes.

It would be ideal if you can find raisins with small stalks, which are one of the main indicators of naturalness of raisins. Raisins clean liver. After selecting the correct chemical not treated raisins, then you can start with the preparation of the drug for liver cleansing. Procedure for cleaning the liver with raisins. Morning Soak half a cup of raisins in hot water and let it stand 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly under running water. Put the soaked raisins in a cup and fill to the brim with boiled water that has cooled to room temperature. So let the raisins for 24 hours (until the next morning).

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Healing properties of raisins for cleansing the liver bacterial and viral infections

The next morning fasting drink drink and eat raisins. Lying in bed one and a half to two hours and place a warm towel (or even better hot-water bottle) on the right side of the abdomen. This procedure was performed once a week. The duration of the cleaning of the liver with raisins is the month (on average once a week for a month), and is made twice a year. Raisins have many medicinal properties.

The presence of potassium in raisins allows them to be used for edema and poisoning, because the potassium diuretic and helps the body to expel excess fluid and toxins. People who suffer from nervous system disorders and cardiovascular diseases should include raisins in your diet with curative and prophylactic purposes. Raisins reduce irritation, they are useful in general weakness and anemia. To strengthen the heart muscle is recommended consumption of raisins under a special scheme.

Decoction of raisins used in respiratory diseases, cough, sore throat, high blood pressure. In bronchitis, sore throat and hypertension one hundred grams of raisins cut, pour a cup of water and heated ten minutes on low heat. Then strain and squeeze. Drink one third of cup four times a day. In severe cough and fever to drink a decoction of raisins and onions.

Raisins also help skin lichen. For this purpose, raisins cut into halves and with their inner part rub affected areas. After the first procedure occurs improvement. People with acute heart failure, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, and people who are obese should not eat raisins.