properties of olives
Healing properties of olives have been known since antiquity

In ancient times were known healing properties of olives. They are the extraction of olive oil – the most useful fat known to man. Also, the olive paste is very useful, healthy and filling. Many nutritionists add olives to your diet, as with dark chocolate, nuts and almonds, they have in their composition extremely beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids omega-6 and omega-9, which then lead to limiting the intake of harmful saturated fatty acids . Eat 5-6 olives on an empty stomach to reduce appetite and lose weight. This is an old rule of nutritionists as the olive is considered very good food.If you think this is a lie when pregladneete, eat 5-6 olives and your hunger will disappear instantly.

Low levels of cholesterol us supported by the unsaturated fatty acids, and hence is prevented and the risk of high blood pressure. Therefore, the consumption of olives – black, unsalted, green, raisins, salt and any other of their numerous variety will give you a guarantee for weight loss and not from anywhere else but the most harmful place – around the belly. Healing properties of olives contain a reserve of nutrients that help your health. Olives have a large pool of nutrients that will help your health.They contain large amounts of vitamins A, C, D and E, which make Mediterranean fruit one of the best antioxidant.

If you have a habit of snacking often olives will not have any problems with your vision, you will be protected from infection, you will get a better metabolism and you will gain a healthy teeth and bones. Olives and down blood cholesterol, protect against cancer. Vitamin E in olives maintain blood vessels, protect and hangovers. Vitamin E with the largest content. It fights free radicals and maintain our blood vessels healthy and elastic. Another feature of the olives that neutralize toxic substances, among which is the alcohol in the blood.If you often sipping a few drinks, turn to drink olive salad and your body will fight easier alcohol in the morning and you will not have a memory of a hangover. Healing properties of olives help heart health and arteries. Pros for coronary and arterial health – a large number of fatty acids in olives and olive oil are monounsaturated.

Olives have a large pool of nutrients that will help your health
Another feature of the olives that neutralize toxic substances

Monounsaturated fatty acids have cholesterol in this case the oil can not raise its level, on the contrary – it keeps in regular values. Olive oil contains more linoleic acid omega-6 (EFA; essential fatty acid), which is vital to a human body. Curative properties of olives and protect against breast cancer and prostate cancer.The use of large amounts of mono-unsaturated fats leads to a lower risk of breast cancer. B-sistosterolat fat is contained in vegetable oils such as olive oil – contributes to the prevention of prostate cancer cells, strengthens the internal communication system of the cell. Healing properties of olives reduce the risk of arthritis.

Olives reduce the risk of disease from arthritis – has been shown that people who consume large quantities of olive oil, rarely suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Healing properties of olive support bone development. Fat-soluble vitamins E, A, D and K, which are found in olive oil, are essential for assisting bone development in adults and children and strengthen bones by fixing calcium.Due to its easy digestibility and minerals they contain to support the use of vitamins in the body, it is recommended for adults. Prevents calcium loss by stimulating bone mineralization. Healing properties of olives down blood pressure. Olives and derived oil lower blood pressure – has been shown that olive oil has a beneficial effect on hypertension.

Of olive leaves are produced and medications to lower blood. Whether used hot or cold, olive oil helps in cases of gastritis, ulcers by reducing gastric acid. In addition, the olives activated bile, it makes perfect condition. Olive oil controls the secretion of the gall bladder and reduces the risk of gallstone formation. Thanks chloride contributes to the proper functioning of the liver and helps the body eliminate waste products.

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