People knew healing properties of mushrooms since ancient times.For centuries the mushrooms are known, valued and used by man. Since ancient times, people knew their healing properties and also as food, often applied in medicine.Besides food of the people, or as they are frequently called “meat of the poor”, fungi often present at the tables of kings and emperors inns. Because of its ability to absorb radiation, oyster mushrooms are recommended to

Healing properties of mushrooms
Regular consumption of mushrooms normalize blood sugar levels

the people of Chernobyl. According to research by scientists from the University “Einstein”, fungi able to use radiation as an energy source. It was found that fungi capable of absorbing large doses of radiation, as well as heavy metals. In 1985 in Ukraine are delivered tons of cultivated oyster mushroom. Chernobyl fungus called “Savior.” It is consumed by people affected by the tragedy. Globally, the production plants are grown different types of edible mushrooms. The main producers are China, Netherlands, USA, France and Poland.

The body derives antibiotics mushrooms

Of the different types are derived valuable body substances, such as citric acid or antibiotic. Their ability to cause fermentation contributes to their participation in the preparation of beer, wine and bread. Major components of the fungus resembles that of vegetables. Mushrooms are composed of 90% water. The balance of the amino acids lysine, valine, leucine, isoleucine, tryptophan and threonine, amino acids similar to the contents of the eggs. They are rich in minerals selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron, chromium, phosphorus, and vitamins of group B. The potassium in the fungi in the composition exceeds the amount of the bananas. Are defined as a super food because of the high percentage of protein-2, and 78% dietary fiber-1, 08%. The proteins may be concentrated to 13.4% and 18.2% fiber once taken away from the water.

Healing properties of mushrooms are to stabilize blood sugar

Regular consumptionofmushroomsnormalizeblood sugar levelsandinsulin secretionslows down. Certainamounts of fatare synthesizedandstored.Mushroomsareusedfor diseases of thestomach, intestinesand skin.In ancient timeswere used forbowel problems, stomach and kozhata.Otthemprepareointmentsdeletion offreckles andother skinflaws.According to dermatologistssuccessfullyrejuvenate the skin. RedBoleteis suitable forhuman consumptionon diet, because it is the lowestcalorieandhas the abilityto purify the blood.Birchboletusis used to treatkidney. Has the abilityto cleansethe bodyofharmful substancesandslag, increasing immunity.According to researchconducted byRussian scientists, porcinicontainthe pigmentmelanin.Ithas the ability tobeincorporatedintothe proteinstructure of the celltissues.

Healing properties of mushrooms are to stabilize blood sugar
healing properties of mushrooms especially their composition in order to help people

InRussianfolk medicineporciniaredriedandpowdered. Are usedfor the treatmentofburns, andnon-healingwounds.Mushroomswhitemushroomsreducethe growth ofbreast tumors. Whitemushroomregulates the immunesystem.According to researchhas the ability tointerruptthe growth of tumorcells inbreast cancer. Arizona State Universityconducted a studywith extracts ofedible mushrooms, including mushroom.The resultsshowed a reduction intumor cell growthby approximately 33%. In clinicaltestson micethat lasted10 weeks. In thefoodtheyaddedan extract ofmushroom.Itresulted in an increasein the activityofT cellsare importantin fightingviral-infected and tumor cells.Recent studyinChina, which involved more than1000women, demonstrates thatthe fungiinfoodreduce the risk ofbreast cancer.The high content ofphosphorusis beneficialin impairedfunction of the nervoussystemand is recommendedas a means ofpreventinganemia. Healing propertiesof mushroomsare known inEurope.Theycontain high amounts ofvitaminD.Flaschensource ofantioxidants,essential forthe body.Suitable forany type ofheat treatment,while maintainingtheir beneficialproperties.Oystermushroomslower cholesterol. Characteristic of theoysterareantibacterial andantioxidant properties.It hasthe abilityto synthesizelovastatin-drugactingonthe nervoussystemadvantageously. Useful inincreasedbad cholesterolin the blood.Helpsproblem withlumbago, tendons andstifflimbs.