properties of mastic gum
Healing properties of mastic gum a valuable ally for health and beauty,

Healing properties of mastic gum or medical gum – have you heard about it and you know what heals? In alternative medicine white gum is extremely valuable medicine.

Is known by the names Mastic gum arabic, gum Chios and in Greece it is called tears of Chios. Its healing powers have been known since ancient times. Interestingly, there was a period when it was worth as much as gold.

Healing properties of mastic gum is characterized by a yellow color which changes in time at which put it in the mouth. The taste is bitter, which gradually disappears. Derived from bushy tree by making an incision in the tree.

Then the resin flows, but under the influence of sunlight and air gradually hardens and becomes a form of grains. It is distributed on the territory of today’s Asia and the Mediterranean. It is claimed that the highest quality medical chewing gum is extracted from the island of Chios in Greece.

Collected in July, September and October. More 5 century BC. Hippocrates mentioned in his writings for Mastikova resin and recommended to be used in combination with honey against colds. White gum is rich in antioxidants, and has an antimicrobial anti-inflammatory action, possesses anti-fungal properties, and improves circulation.

In the past it used against snakebites, and today successfully applied for the prevention of digestive system, colds, bronchitis viruses and against bad breath, cramps, colitis and gastritis. White Gum cosmetics. Medical chewing gum has a beneficial effect on skin and heal wounds, scars and cracked heels.

 mastic gum picture
mastic gum is characterized by a yellow color which changes in time at which put it in the mouth

Cosmetics that contain white gum extract nourishes skin cells and slows the aging process. Controls the secretion of sebum, which significantly reduces problems such as oily skin and unwanted glittering effect.

It stimulates collagen production, so it is advisable to use regular rejuvenating cream White gum as fine lines and deep wrinkles fade. Restores and maintains the elasticity of the skin, moisturizes it into depth, which helps reduce acne and blackheads.

Cosmetics, which contains an extract of white gum restores the young and healthy appearance of the face and body.

Did you know that during the period of the Roman Empire wealthy women used cosmetics with extracts of white magic gum to keep your skin beautiful and to have white and healthy teeth, used sticks made of wood. In addition to its therapeutic properties, the white gum is also known that increasing mood stimulating sexual desire and improves sleep.

Nature is the most faithful friend and helper for better health and beauty.