Healing properties of leek
Healing properties of leeks to human health, many vitamins and minerals

Healing properties of leek to human health, many vitamins and minerals good for our immune system. Leeks is much more useful to our health than we can imagine. So it is no exaggeration to say that a vegetable is underrated healer. To admit another: you eat leeks should limit contacts due to taint ie we can not Eat at any time.

Leeks contain protein nitrogenous substances, essential oils, carbohydrates, cellulose enzymes (maltase, allinase, invertase dextrinase) as well as vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9, PP, H, C and E. Many valuable his quality It is its high content of potassium and very low in sodium (ie salt).

Rich is also mineral salts of calcium, phosphorus and iron. Its composition includes 18 amino acids, among which is one of the most important for our body – cystine. Healing properties of the leeks are also known in ancient times, when used in the treatment of colds.

In folk medicine it is known as a good diuretic – stimulates the kidneys and promotes the excretion of water from the body. Because of this feature, and because of its low calorific value (23 Ksal 100 g) leeks recommended for obesity, edema, gout, kidney stones and others. It stimulates motility and act laxative.

Healing properties of leek
Leeks contain protein nitrogenous substances, essential oils, carbohydrates, cellulose enzymes

It has antiseptic effect and is recommended for intestinal infections. There is also a strong antibacterial effect. Low in sugar and high in protein and vitamins in it make it suitable food for diabetics. Leek stems, which will be stored, must be healthy, fresh, free from decayed, damaged or dry leaves.

Upper stems trimmed 25 cm above the false stem and roots – of 2 cm. Leeks can be stored both in the open and in warehouses. When stored outdoors make beds with a width of 1,5 m deep furrow about 30 inches long, according to the quantities.

Each groove is arranged in two rows leek, recumbent on the slope of the furrow and covered with soil from the neighboring groove height of 5-10 cm below the top of the false stem. When temperatures fall consistently below 1 ° C, the beds are covered with about 20 cm layer of dry straw or cornstalks.

Thus leeks can be stored successfully until the beginning of March. In storage, leeks floor is packed with about 30 cm slightly dampened light sandy soil and beds are made with grooves, each of which are placed in rows 2-3 leeks which subsequently buried upright height of about 30 cm. permanently decrease in temperatures doors and windows of the room is well sealed, and the beds are covered with 20 cm of dry straw.

It is desirable to maintain a temperature of about 0-1 DEG C and humidity of about 85-90 percent. The losses in storage are smaller than those in the storage outdoors.