Carrots are preventive and therapeutic agent in various
The healing properties of carrots to extract cholesterol from the body

Millennia ago carrots were purple. The healing properties of carrots were known in antiquity. The carrot has a rich noble birth – keeping its culture started in Central Asia and the Middle East. More interesting thing is not so much his birthplace as colors, which was colored. It turns out that the original carrots did not have the well known orange today. Or rather – it was not major.

By the late sixteenth century carrots were mainly purple because they contain anthocyanins. These are the pigments that give color of blueberries, grapes, blackberries and other berries. Meetings and carrots in white, yellow and orange, but relatively rare. The current nowadays orange color was obtained thanks to the Dutch botanists who have mutated cross between bright carrots and other species. Legends dealing with the reason that the vegetables have changed, not lacking, but perhaps the most plausible is that whose thesis is: just carrots that are orange have proved superior to the other – with earthy flavor and sweetness. The orange color is due to carotenoids, absorbable in the body such as vitamin A.

The healing properties of carrots help after babies breast milk.

In some parts of Afghanistan still grown purple carrots, mainly used in the production of a strong alcoholic beverage. In addition to it, in the past the carrot is mostly grown for its aromatic seeds and leaves why today mainly produced his most popular relatives – parsley, dill and cummin. Today, however, the carrots are widely used in everyday life of the people. Originally carrots were purple.

It is believed that after breast milk, carrot is the first vegetable that infant must take the form of juice or pulp. Tova is because a lot of sugar, readily soluble proteins, many vitamins (A, B1, B2, D, E, K, PP), organic acids, essential oils, as well as minerals and trace elements – iron, calcium, copper, phosphorus, iodine, cobalt which are easily assimilated by the body. In particular vitamin is responsible for our ability to better focus and our ability to have a good memory. It also helps the body to fight daily stress to which it is subjected.

The healing properties of carrots and fight anemia

The healing properties of carrots help after babies breast milk.

The healing properties of carrots and fight anemia

Vitamin B helps the body to produce red blood cells in cases of anemia. In order to combat anemia takes active participation and vitamin E, which is also part of the carrots. Provitamin A, which is due to the orange color of sweet vegetables, many times referred to as “growth vitamin” because it is considered extremely necessary for the proper development of the body of babies and children. Participate in the development of bones and teeth, makes skin radiant (due to the presence of potassium) and helps in the treatment of acne. In medicine, for healing purposes application are mainly the seeds and roots of vegetables.

Is extracted from the seeds carotene, essential oil, alcohol cheraniol, flavonoids and more substances with antimicrobial and anticancer activity. Scientists focus specifically on particular substance detected – falkarinol, which is supposed to have anti-cancer properties. Falkarinolat natural pesticide is released from carrots, in order not to be attacked by fungi and damage plant roots. Carrot is probably the only vegetable that contains this ingredient. In experiments carried out mice studies establish that, thanks to falkarinola reducing the risk of developing cancer by one third.

The healing properties of carrots to extract cholesterol from the body.

In roots do contain many cellulose and magnesium that help activate bowel and extracting cholesterol from the body. The roots are advantageous means of regulation of fat. Medicinal properties of carrots can talk a lot and there will always be something we forget to say. Recently it was discovered that content phytoncides – substances that act detrimental to the poor “microflora, garlic and onions nothing surpasses the carrot. When eating only one carrot, the total amount of microbes in the oral cavity you will significantly decrease.

Thanks they contain bioactive substances, carrots increase vitality, strengthen the protective functions of the body to fight infection, help to regulate the exchange of salt and water in the body. Furthermore spazmootpuskashtoto action carrots on heart and blood vessels, provitamin A relieves inflammation of the bronchi, and thyroid helps in vision problems. Carrots are preventive and therapeutic agent in various eating disorders and ailments such as constipation and obesity. The carrot is a laxative, diuretic, and release bile glistogonno action and stimulates metabolism. Carrots greatly facilitate the removal of sand and small stones in kidney stone disease, stimulate and clear the liver of toxins.