Healing properties of aronia
Aronia is recommended for diabetics

Healing properties of aronia perennial shrub with a height of 1.5 to 3 meters.To me like a tree. This is due to the fact that what we observe is still young. In the books promise after 3-4 years like a real bush and yields few strands of black balls to reach 4-12 kg. The most famous is chernoplodna chokeberry. And there have long used it because of its healing properties. Her country is North America.

Well tolerated conditions of temperate climate zones, winter cold and summer heat, so if you are in doubt whether you catch – are unfounded. Actually taste chokeberry is quite astringent – so it certainly is not for direct consumption. But it is perfect for everything ranging from a simple juice, wine, jam, liquor … and everything in this spirit. I will try to briefly write about what is believed to be useful again you will decide how to use it.

Maybe you should first planted bush in the garden or in front of the block and then think. Perhaps enterprising people already selling it in the market and may benefit granted. The fact is that people use it for years and has proven to be useful. It turns out that is rich in all vitamins and especially not so popular vitamin P. Thanks to it strengthens connective tissue and prevent capillary bleeding. Used for recovery after a heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Aronia is a powerful immune booster.

Fresh aronia juice is recommended for normalizing high blood pressure. Further contains potassium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, iodine. Aronia is recommended for diabetics. It is believed that gives positive results in the treatment of liver cancer. And notice has anti-radiation effect – away from treatments computer, mobile phones and other radiation beams. Surely we can not verify it, you can trust the group Soviet or American or whatever there are scientists. And these things always pass them as urban legends, because virtually no way to verify the information.

Healing properties of chokeberries
Healing properties of aronia beneficial effect most valuable content of essential polyphenolic compounds also called vitamin P

The good news is that as they say and do not help us no harm. The truth is that almost any herb or plant that we go to investigate – what contains and what is useful generally repeat the same and almost all that is effective even against cancer. Obviously something in the doses and combinations that are recommended not quite stacked, otherwise treating everything would be much easier. So as the saying goes, eat drink and prophylactically. Aronia juice is good against headache, fatigue, stress and nervous disorders, and stimulates regeneration of muscle and bone tissue.

And here’s something for prophylaxis – has antiseptic properties – protects against viral and bacterial infections, relieves bronchitis. It is favorable for the growth of children. And there are hypoallergenic effect. Suitable for young children, pregnant women and people who are dieting. Perfect days to unload and body cleansing diets. It has a strong diuretic effect. It is also recommended for kidney inflammation and violation of the thyroid gland