Healing properties of acorn
Healing properties of acorn and use in folk medicine.

Healing properties of acorn and use in folk medicine. Due to their composition rich in ancient times were applied as a remedy for many diseases. These forest gifts are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, tannins, oils, tannins, especially starch. Fruit of the oak used since ancient times in folk medicine.

In addition, they have an active substance quercetin, which has many healing properties: Excellent reduces swelling, relieves inflammation and spasms, has diuretic and antioxidant action. But such treatment only acorns grow oak trees, which are over 50 years old.

Besides all of the above until the acorns are considered and excellent bactericidal and anti-tumor agent. They are often used in toothache, gum problems, to stop the bleeding.

Recommended for treatment of problems with genitourinary system, are effective at wetting and female diseases also contribute to increasing the potency.

Oak berries beneficial effects on the digestive system: a decoction of them helps in various poisoning, stomach disorders, chronic and acute colitis. Infusions of acorns accept those suffering from hypertension, osteochondrosis, joint diseases.

acorn Healing properties
Healing properties of acorn homeopathic remedy used in the past for the treatment of diseases in the urinary tract and the digestive system

Asthma, bronchitis, and cough can be combated with the so-called coffee from acorns. Contraindications: it should know that raw fruits constitute a health hazard because they contain the toxic substance quercetin.

When soaking or heating poison breaks and acorns are harmless. The following nutritional value refers to the dried acorns. The following nutritional value refers to the dried acorns. NUTRITION FOR acorn 100g. Water 5.0 ml. Protein 8.0 g. Fat 31.0 g. Valgehidrati 53.0 g. Calories 509 cal.

Medicinal properties of acorn as bactericidal activity against brain tumors. Often used in the treatment of urogenital system: stop heavy menstruation, are used to female diseases, increase sexual potency, cure enuresis.

Acorn help in the treatment of gum disease and tooth pain, and are useful in case of poisoning of any kind. It can make coffee acorn and feel its healing properties.