Healing potions with Hawthorn
Healing potions with hawthorn for heart healthy red tea from Hawthorn syrup Hawthorn insomnia

Healing potions with hawthorn, the most ancient herb, whose medicinal properties have been known since time immemorial.

Although raw fruits of medical bush or tree be very distasteful, they help in the prevention and treatment of many diseases. And you can not not have heard of exclusive blend of mint, hawthorn and valerian, which is very effective for insomnia and problems with the nervous system.
For the countless benefits of hawthorn has already written a lot, but here we will discuss the question of what exactly you can prepare Hawthorn.

Here are some ideas:
Hawthorn syrup for insomnia
Ingredients: 2 kg fruits of hawthorn, 2 kg sugar, 2 liters of water, citric acid ’10.
Preparation: Wash fruits are covered with boiling water and put on the stove to boil, but on low heat. When you notice that they begin to soften, strain the juice. Every liter of juice add 1 kg of sugar. Again put on the stove and cook until thickening syrup.
When ready, add citric acid. To cool more quickly syrup, you can put the court, which is located in another container filled with cold water. Thus will also keep the natural color and Hawthorn. When cool pour the liquid into bottles that will keep in the refrigerator, as this reconstituted syrup is not very durable.

hawthorn tea
benefits of hawthorn longevity and enhance the immune system, storage method of infusion of hawthorn

Healing potions with Hawthorn for a healthy heart
Tea hawthorn
Ingredients: 2 p. L. Colors of red hawthorn, 400 ml of water.
Preparation: The flowers of hawthorn brewed in boiling water and left for two hours.

The liquid is then filtered and optional tea can be seasoned with honey and lemon to taste. It is 100 ml per day before meals 3 times a day. Tea is suitable for cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases at an enlarged prostate, diseases of the urinary system and insomnia.
Drink of hawthorn for heart problems
Ingredients: 3 p. L. Fruit of hawthorn, 1 h. H. Brandy.
Preparation: In a dark glass container mix brandy and fruit of hawthorn and the liquid is left in the dark for 7 to 8 days. Then filtered and taken at 20 drops per day, dissolved in water or a syrup.