Harmful foods for tooth enamel
A short list of Harmful foods for tooth enamel, a description of their effects

Harmful foods for tooth enamel protect your teeth from caries and staining. It’s hardly believed, but bottled water is one such food that slowly but surely takes away our beautiful smile. If you prefer bottled, not tap water, you do not do any service on your teeth.

When bottled water is purified, it becomes more acidic, which can increase the risk of caries. Plus, tap water contains fluorine, a natural chemical added to the water supply to heal tooth enamel. In 2007, Dental Research published that fluoridation reduced tooth decay by 27% in adults.

Also harmful to the beautiful teeth are ice cubes. When we drink our favorite cold drink on a hot sunny day, it can be hard to resist the desire to crunch the rest of the glass on the bottom of the glass. But be careful, this can cause cracks in the surface of the tooth enamel. If the ice falls between our teeth at an unusual angle, it could damage part of the tooth enamel or even worse – the tooth itself may be broken.

Dried fruit Harmful foods

Adding raisins to the child’s lunch box may seem like a healthy option, but dried fruit is a cause of tooth decay. Warnings came earlier this month after dentists in the UK have warned that the number of children under 5 years of age tooth decay has increased by 24% over the past decade. The dried fruit is full of sugar that sticks to the teeth, announced the National Obesity Forum in the UK. If the teeth are not washed after eating, sugar begins to destroy the enamel;

Orange juice
Interesting studies by English dentists about the appearance of caries in children up to 5 years of age, fluoridation of water


If you eat popcorn regularly, it is likely that you will find those useless coffee beans that are at the bottom of the box (or bowl). If you crunch one of them accidentally, you may end up with a broken tooth. The thin shell surrounding the nipples can also fall between the teeth, which creates conditions for food retention and bacterial growth and leads to infection;


Yellow pigments in curry powder and turmeric may cause yellowing of the teeth over time. To reduce their impact, Colgate Toothpaste growers advise whenever we eat curry seasoned meals at our table and fresh fruit and vegetables that prevent the stains from forming – such as apples, carrots, Cauliflower and celery. It’s also a good idea to drink plenty of water while enjoying your favorite curry spice. And naturally, after having enjoyed the dish flavored with our favorite spice, just brush our teeth thoroughly;

Orange juice

Although it is full of vitamins, most of us are aware of the fact that orange juice has a very high content of sugars causing caries and should be restricted. A study published in a dental journal recently revealed that this favorite beverage can reduce the hardness of the enamel by up to 84%. The oral health specialist who led the study explains: The acid is so strong that the enamel is literally washed away;