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Harmful foods for teeth are much when you overdo the consumption of citrus fruits because they have acid effect and damage tooth enamel

Some healthy foods may be harmful foods for teeth. Lemons damage teeth. Although many foods are good for our bodies in large quantities ruin your teeth.

Healthy foods strengthen the immune system and speed recovery after ill health, but can also spoil us smile. A number of dentists advise to avoid certain foods in large quantities as citrus, almonds, sour food and coffee. Citrus maintain collagen in the gums, but in larger amounts have the opposite effect.

Constant contact with the teeth of citrus can seriously damage tooth enamel.

Dentists advise not to overdo it with juices and water with lemon. Almonds are rich in vitamin E and fats that are good for the body, they also quickly create a sense of satiety.

However, care should be taken with them, since the biting may produce cracks in the teeth. Acidic foods are not at all good for your teeth.

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benefit and harm from eating citrus fruits

The acidic foods contain a high amount of vinegar or another oxidizing agent, which reduces the amount of minerals in teeth.

In addition, acidic foods often puts sugar, which can result in cavities in the teeth and cavities.

Dried fruits should be eaten in moderation because of the high concentration of sugar.

Dried fruits are good for the body, but manufacturers often add sugar.

This sugar adheres to the teeth and remains between them. This favors the penetration of bacteria and the formation of voids.