Green vegetable
Green vegetable against stress and depression that often underestimate should be treated properly

Green vegetable against stress and depression that often underestimate should be treated properly. If you do not want to start drinking medication, try to solve your problem by using green vegetable.

Sufferers of this condition can alleviate their condition using only green and orange fruit. The best antidepressant in the green zarzavati is spinach – have similar effects and other vegetables in this color, such as broccoli and cabbage.

If you prefer to relieve their condition with fruit, you can safely bet on the kiwi. In green zarzavati contain so many vitamins and generally helpful substances that help the body to fully recover from stress.

Orange fruits and vegetables also can relieve depression. Nutritionists explain that the consumption of fruit will surely have a positive impact on your condition. In the orange and green zarzavati has a large amount of vitamin C.

Sweet potatoes

He, in turn, will relieve high blood pressure, which often increases stress. Eat more carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots – there are plenty of large amounts of magnesium, but also are natural muscle relaxant.

eating green apple
Green vegetable against stress and depression will alleviate accumulated mental tension to feel fresh

Add and nuts to your diet because they also help with depression and stress. Almonds contain vitamins B and E, which will strengthen the immune system and help you get rid of the state in which you are.

Green fruit

Other suitable foods for depression and accumulated stress that nutritionists recommend are all kinds of fish and whole grains. You can zoom in and consumption of rice, cranberries, tomatoes.

Eating tomatoes can reduce the risk of depression by 50 percent, says in a study.

The main reason for this is lycopene, which is found in red vegetable. Of course, tomatoes are also rich in antioxidants that also reflect well on the body.

The study indicates that eating tomatoes every day will reduce the risk of any mental illness and anxiety more than 50 per cent.