Grapes helps against diseases and was known in the Middle East before 7 millennia. The healing qualities of our lands were known to the Thracians and the ancient Greeks. Today, many scientific studies have shown the health benefits of grapes for the heart, kidneys, liver, stomach, and especially its role in neutralizing free radicals that look older body or cause cancer. Grapes contain a lot of calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, aluminum, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, copper, iodine, bromine, silicon and zinc.

Grapes helps against diseases that are difficult to treat with medication
The healing qualities of our lands were known to the Thracians and the ancient Greeks

The fruit is rich in vitamins C, B1, B2 and D, but they contain the parchment. It is useful because it helps to clear toxins accumulated in the body. In grapes contain pectin and enzymes lipase, protease and invertase, which stimulate digestion. Grapes cancer. Red grape skin contains resveratrol and its seeds, which, together with certain substances in grape seed extract protects the body against the development of tumors.

Such effects have phytonutrients ellagic acid and quercetin, which are also present in the fetus. Scientists from the University of Colorado even discovered that the most powerful anti-cancer effect is achieved when the grapes are eaten along with the skins and seeds. Their combination activates a gene that makes cancer cells in the colon to self-destruct, said study leader Dzheyram Vanamala.

He found that these compounds are not toxic to healthy cells, but destroy cancer. The researchers go even further in their research by trying to create covered with pectin capsules to reach directly to the intestines. Pectin is degraded in the colon and there releases the anti-cancer agents. Vanamala and his team have begun a new study to examine possible that substances in grapes destroying stem cancer cells.

If this proves to be so, to prevent recurrence of the disease. A similar experiment was performed with leukemia. They were treated with an extract of grape seeds and only for days, owing to a specific protein, the cancer cells were destroyed at 86%. It is believed that the grape seed extract helps skin cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer. 4 years ago scientist from the Agricultural University in Plovdiv Prof.

Grapes for heart disease
Grapes favors the prevention and treatment of heart disease

Dimitar Babrikov announced that it has created a variety of hollow seeds, by which the body absorbs a large amount of phenolic compounds that destroy free radicals. Grapes for heart disease. Grapes favors the prevention and treatment of heart disease, due to the fact that it contains glucose. It is sufficient for the normal function of the heart is to take a day 200-300 grams of ripe grapes.

Glucose is a physiological stimulant of the heart, enhance the processes of oxidation and metabolism. Therefore Glucose participates in the energy balance of the human body. Useful for the heart and the organic acids are – tartaric acid, citric acid, malic acid. Rezveratrolat contained in the fruit, dilates blood vessels, strengthens them down blood pressure and prevent heart attack.

Powerful antioxidant proantotsianin contained in the skins and seeds of the dark varieties, especially in Mavrud increases “good” and remove the level of “bad” cholesterol. revents the formation of blood clots. Grapes in diabetes. Again ingredient resveratrol in grapes regulate blood sugar levels, which is important for people prone to diabetes. An important factor in the prevention of disease is maintaining a normal body weight. The antioxidant resveratrol helps reduce excess fat deposits in the body and prevent their re-deposition.