Garnishes cooked crabs
Garnishes that are combined with seafood and are a healthy diet that enters most diets

Garnishes that are combined with seafood and are very useful appetizers. Summer is connected with various pleasant ideas – sea, sun, rest, mood and delicious food. Without seafood, this notion will be pale and uninteresting.

If we invite crabs, lobsters, octopuses and other inhabitants of exotic sea areas at their table during the summer, they will make an unforgettable holiday every afternoon or dinner.

The preparation of seafood requires mastery and a sense of culinary, but the trimmings to them can wipe out not so good a performance, or make a new flavor of magic from the familiar dish.

The list of foods known as seafood includes: mussels, crayfish, lobsters, oysters, shrimps, squid and other interesting seafarers.
Before all, they are cooked and then entered into different recipes. It has long been established that it easily absorbs all sorts of scents. They are therefore suitable for food in combination with sauces or trimmings to give them the flavors and flavors.

Seafood loves spi

Garnishes cooked squid cream rice
Try these combinations of good foods to keep you healthy throughout the year

ces with a sharp aroma and taste such as pepper, dill, thyme, coriander, saffron, chopped carnation and basil. And what trimmings are suitable for such a flavored main meal? If you are wondering and wandering about choosing, we offer several options for seafood trimmings.

Garnishes suitable for seafood

All seafood is well understood with egg garnish and mayonnaise, as well as any cold sauces, Tartar sauce, sauce and mayonnaise-based sauces and vegetables. We will look at some suggestions for seafood trimmings.

Squid – a suitable garnish for them for stewed vegetables, mainly carrots, broccoli and spinach. A good combination is made with a salad of mature beans. Inseparable french fries, which are a suitable garnish for all sorts of meats, are also made for seafood. They can also be diversified with potato salad or potato puree.

Garnishes fried seafood chicken mix
Garnishes that are combined with seafood and are very useful appetizers

Shrimp – they also allow more interesting and exotic trimmings. For example, a salad of cucumbers and pineapple. Fruits such as mangoes, pomegranates and avocados are also combined in an interesting way with shrimps. Those who rely on the more familiar flavor will be pleased with the stuffing of steamed cauliflower, peas or corn. Varieties like rice, buckwheat, couscous are also a good match for shrimps. You can also try them with pesto.

Rabbits are most often used in salads or served as hors d’oeuvres. For them, mayonnaise sauce with lemon juice with favorite spices for aroma is the most suitable garnish. Octopus – this exotic representative of the seas can be combined with red sauces based on tomatoes, red wine and stronger spices such as bay leaves, mint, garlic and others.

The mussels are most delicious in combination with either rice cooked or salad. Sauces are based on milk and eggs. All seafood is served with chilled white wine for a drink.